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127 – Mock IELTS Speaking Exam – Questions and tips.

In this episode you can hear IELTS speaking exam questions and practise your response.   You will also learn a lot of tips to help you improve. […]

117 Improving Your Grammatical Range and Accuracy with Better Sentence Structure

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116 IELTS Writing – Student questions answered

This is the second podcast with Gabriela, this time we will focus 100% on the writing. Her questions are below in italics, followed by a summary of my answer.

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115 IELTS Speaking – Student questions answered

  In this podcast I talk with a student who is about to take the IELTS for a sixth time and is quite fed up, frustrated and confused over what needs to be done to PASS IELTS!   Her questions are below in italics, followed by a summary of my answer.     Q1 What speaking strategy should I use to improve my score? […]

IELTS: Topic Ideas for Language and Culture essays. 15 min video. Easy.

114 – L8.5, R8, S8, W6.5! – What's the solution?

In this new IELTS Podcast we talk with Dennise about passing IELTS. Unfortunately she has failed four times, that’s almost USD $1000 in exam fees to the British Council. Not to mention spending money on books, preparation courses, tutors, etc. In her latest exam she got L 8.5, R 8, S 8, W 6.5 – So what’s the solution? […]

IELTS: Topic Ideas for Globalisation essays. 15 min video. Easy.

113 To IELTS Students who want to write Task 2 -but can’t get started

In this podcast you will learn how to start almost any IELTS Task two essay. First you need to identify the type of question, and what the examiner wants. Problem and solution Discuss + opinion Opinion Two part question   Then make a plan: […]

112 You will never guess how many times she took IELTS

Meet Mega!! In this episode we chat with Mega, she took the exam more than 10 times! But you will have to listen to the [...]

110 IELTS Speaking – meet TOEFL PRO

Meet Paul, from, we met each other in a conference in Bangkok, then discovered we were both teachers in ESL test preparation. Paul and I instantly connected because we had similar ideas regarding teaching, and a strong desire to deliver results for students. We started talking about speaking, writing and the other areas and decided to make a podcast to capture all the juicy tips! In this podcast we cover: -Common pitfalls students suffer when preparing for exams and how to solve them, -How could a student improve their confidence? -How can a student gain fluency / incorporate complex sentences? -How do you prepare your students for success in the speaking? I hope you enjoy this podcast and please send me an email if you have any ideas for future episodes or suggestions to improve the website. […]