IELTS General Task 1 – Letter Writing, structure, style, and improvements

The first thing you are to remember when working on Task 1 General writing is that it’s slightly different from the Academic Writing. The points [...]

How to write an IELTS Essay Conclusion

State your opinion in a crystal clear way. Usually, you express it in one short sentence. This way your essay will have a good [...]

Improve your pronunciation in the IELTS speaking exam

Speaking Exam Quick Tips Sit straight and breathe slowly. Try to speak a bit louder but don’t try to speak faster than you can. This [...]

Topic – Law

Vocabulary Topic - Law Collocations Examples Violent offender The violent offender was arrested and taken to jail. Ultimate goal The runner’s ultimate goal was [...]

Topic – Environment – Global warming

Vocabulary Topic - Environment - Global Warming Collocations Examples Political issue There are many political issues in America such as women’s rights and immigration. [...]

Topic – Employment – Highly Skilled Jobs

Vocabulary Topic - Employment - highly skilled jobs Collocations Examples Highly skilled There are too many highly skilled people and not enough jobs for [...]

Consistency and Cohesion

IELTS Writing - Consistency and Coherence Consistency and coherence is the resulting smooth flow of ideas makes your work easier to read and allows it [...]

Topic – Sport

Vocabulary Topic - Sport Collocation Examples Performance enhancing Many athletes use performance enhancing drugs to do better in sports. Record improved Many students saw [...]

Topic – Employment – Equal pay

Vocabulary Topic - Employment - Equal pay Collocation Example Feminist theory Many women discuss feminist theory and the differences in why women are oppressed the way [...]

Topic – Environment – Fossil Fuels

Vocabulary Topic - Environment - Fossil fuels Collocations Examples Modern age  In the modern age, we depend on freezers and packaging to preserve our [...]