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IELTS Academic | 035 Dos and Don’ts for Academic Task 1

  In this episode Julia, (a CELTA and DELTA qualified tutor,) shares what to DO for Academic Task 1, including: A strategy for describing graphs (line, pie charts etc) A component you must have (without this you won’t get more than Band 5!) How to make relevant comparisons and contrasts. Tips for flow diagrams / cycles. How to experiment with complex vocabulary structures Tips for the language of change. …and what the Russians are notoriously famous for NOT doing!   After this we discus WHAT NOT TO DO IN THE EXAM…. […]

IELTS Academic | 032 How to Write a High Scoring Letter for Task 1

IELTS Letter Writing Samples, IELTS Letter Writing Topics Podcast. In this Podcast you will learn:   1) The different types of letter asked for. 2) How to answer and structure the question perfectly. 3) How to write in a formal / informal style. 4) PLENTY OF TIPS! 5) An exercise to do at home, (free correction from me). Here is the question in regards to IELTS letter writing samples, IELTS letter writing topics with a model answer:   SAMPLE QUESTION: You recently bought a new computer for your flat but it did not work. You phoned the shop but no action was taken. Write a letter to the shop manager. In your letter • describe the problem with the computer • explain what happened’ when you phoned the shop • say what you would like the manager to do.   Dear Sir or Madam,   I am contacting you in relation to my recent purchase of an Acer 3001 laptop from your shop. Upon buying the product I was assured by the salesman that if there were any inconveniences I would be promptly attended to. Unfortunately this was not the case. […]

IELTS Academic Task 1 – How to Describe a Table

Academic IELTS describe table task: “Learning to describe a table of figures for IELTS academic task one can be a difficult task… …and like most people: You probably have no idea how to choose the right information, organise your thoughts or even plan your essay report. But let me be honest with you: Anyone can start writing Band 7,8+ essay reports, including you! So in this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to turn that desire for an IELTS certificate into a smooth reality. An academic IELTS task may ask you to describe a table of figures, and you may think it’s difficult. How great would it feel if you could listen to an expert describe step-by-step how to score high when describing a table of figures?   “Learning to describe a table of figures for IELTS Academic Task 1 can be a difficult task… I know, silly question. It would feel great.   Now what if you could download that lesson right now… for free? And see the final Band 9 model answer?   In this episode Tish shares more tips and advice on how to describe a table table.   […]

IELTS Academic | 017 How to describe a pie chart

If you think, “Ben, I know how to describe a pie chart’ consider this: You may have to describe a big juicy pie chart, or even three, or possibly even with a bar chart… …It doesn’t matter. Each scenario requires the ability to describe one, and if you want to score high in the academic IELTS test, you better know how. Question is how? […]

IELTS Academic | 014 Don’t make these mistakes when applying to a foreign University

Why is there a picture of a band in an IELTS blog post? Have  listen to find out.   The crazy mistakes students make in an interview with the visa officer. […]