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117 Improving Your Grammatical Range and Accuracy with Better Sentence Structure

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IELTS WRITING TASK TWO IDEAS IDEAS IDEAS TRANSPORT For an introduction on how to start IELTS Writing Task 2 click here:

IELTS WRITING TASK TWO IDEAS IDEAS IDEAS TECHNOLOGY For an introduction on how to start IELTS Writing Task 2 click here:

IELTS: Topic Ideas for Language and Culture essays. 15 min video. Easy.

IELTS: Topic Ideas for Globalisation essays. 15 min video. Easy.

113 To IELTS Students who want to write Task 2 -but can’t get started

In this podcast you will learn how to start almost any IELTS Task two essay. First you need to identify the type of question, and what the examiner wants. Problem and solution Discuss + opinion Opinion Two part question   Then make a plan: […]

109 How Ying jumped 1.5 Bands in 21 days AND how to expand your answers in the speaking!

Ying is a pharmacist from Thailand hoping to start further studies in the UK, but first she has to pass the IELTS at Band 7 [...]

108 IELTS Academic Boost your score in 15 minutes – VALUE BOMB

The overview below contains tips that can help you improve your IELTS score in a matter of few minutes. PRIOR TO STARTING Underline the significant keywords on the text. You should try converting nouns into verbs (and vice versa) and adjectives into adverbs while also outlining words with similar meanings (synonyms) and opposite meanings (antonyms). This way you can boost your vocabulary and expand your answer. In order to make the overall idea stand out, you should highlight and circle the graph or graphs used. […]

IELTS Writing: 106 Test Marking Criteria

When preparing for the IELTs writing test, the most intelligent place to start is with understanding how the essays will be marked. Students can easily avoid common mistakes and achieve a 7.0 or higher by fully understanding the 4 IELTS score components. If you want to score well, understand the IELTS writing grading criteria first. In this post we will look at each category and provide ways to boost your test score.   The 4 Score Components […]

IELTS Writing | 096 IELTS Writing: 7 ways to improve your sentences

A sentence has one job above all others -to convey information. It’s job is not to be clever.  It’s primary task is to present information. And in your case, score points. That’s not to say it can’t, or shouldn’t, sound nice. Or be clever.  —But those are a bonus. It is so important to be understood, because then the examiner can determine whether you have understood the question too. […]