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Improve your pronunciation in the IELTS speaking exam

Speaking Exam Quick Tips Sit straight and breathe slowly. Try to speak a bit louder but don’t try to speak faster than you can. This [...]

VIDEO: IELTS Speaking Tips

127 – Mock IELTS Speaking Exam – Questions and tips.

In this episode you can hear IELTS speaking exam questions and practise your response.   You will also learn a lot of tips to help you improve. […]

IELTS Speaking | 121 3 Practical Tips to Help Prepare Yourself for the IELTS Speaking Test

Just thinking about the IELTS Test brings jitters to those who plan to take. But of all the IELTS Tests, it is the Speaking Test that brings the greatest apprehension to many.  This is most probably due to the fact that apart from preparing for the answers, test takers must also be on the watch for how they deliver the answers and the words that they choose to deliver them. In addition, there won’t be any chance to review the answers given. Once given, that would be the final answer. So how can one prepare for such a test? Well right here are some tips to help test takers prepare for the IELTS Speaking Test: […]

115 IELTS Speaking – Student questions answered

  In this podcast I talk with a student who is about to take the IELTS for a sixth time and is quite fed up, frustrated and confused over what needs to be done to PASS IELTS!   Her questions are below in italics, followed by a summary of my answer.     Q1 What speaking strategy should I use to improve my score? […]

110 IELTS Speaking – meet TOEFL PRO

Meet Paul, from www.toeflspeakingteacher.com, we met each other in a conference in Bangkok, then discovered we were both teachers in ESL test preparation. Paul and I instantly connected because we had similar ideas regarding teaching, and a strong desire to deliver results for students. We started talking about speaking, writing and the other areas and decided to make a podcast to capture all the juicy tips! In this podcast we cover: -Common pitfalls students suffer when preparing for exams and how to solve them, -How could a student improve their confidence? -How can a student gain fluency / incorporate complex sentences? -How do you prepare your students for success in the speaking? I hope you enjoy this podcast and please send me an email if you have any ideas for future episodes or suggestions to improve the website. […]

109 How Ying jumped 1.5 Bands in 21 days AND how to expand your answers in the speaking!

Ying is a pharmacist from Thailand hoping to start further studies in the UK, but first she has to pass the IELTS at Band 7 [...]

IELTS Speaking |107 Expand your answers using this five step system

IELTS Speaking can be notoriously difficult, especially if we have our nerves going crazy. If you have a system to follow while answering, you can [...]

14 Speaking idioms for the IELTS speaking exam

“I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say: IELTS Speaking can be a nervous confusing experience. Or, is it? Well it turns out that one way to improve your fluency and flow is to use collocations. These are groups of words that are very often used together, for example: I don’t know. As soon as possible. As far as I know. Now if YOU use them, you sound more like an native English speaker because the listener (in our case the examiner), is usually expecting to hear the rest of the collocation as soon as you start it, this makes you sound much more natural, because groups of words start to flow. I go into more detail about this here. IDIOMS are similar to collocations, they “a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words (e.g. over the moon, see the light ).”   In this tutorial we cover 14 idioms for describing people, – very useful for typical IELTS questions in the speaking, we then go on to cover idioms to describe interests and activities. Listening to this podcast will help you to understand when and how to use these expressions and most importantly how to pronounce them. To practice these I would try listening to a mock speaking exam, you can time your answers and get a rough idea on how long you should talk. You can find more speaking tips and listen to a speaking exam with Band 9 answers. Download the podcast here: | Download | Stitcher | iTunes|   Fresh as a daisy Someone who is lively and attractive, in a clean, fresh way. My sister has been travelling for almost 24 hours, and she’s still as fresh as a daisy.   […]

Getting serious about learning English with Go Natural English!!!

Meet Gabby from Go Natural English! Gabby is exactly the type of teacher I like working with because: she is bouncing with energy! (seriously this girl never [...]