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A sentence has one job above all others -to convey information. It’s job is not to be clever.  It’s primary task is to present information.

And in your case, score points.

That’s not to say it can’t, or shouldn’t, sound nice. Or be clever.  —But those are a bonus.

It is so important to be understood, because then the examiner can determine whether you have understood the question too.

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ielts speaking


This tutorial is all about expressions with the word ‘with’!


I chose to concentrate on the ones with ‘with’ because learning ten different expressions, with similar constructions makes it infinitely easier to master.


The first ones are relatively easy then we get progressively more difficult but my advice is to mastering just a few. As the expressions goes mastery is about doing 3 things right 5000 times NOT doing 5000 things three times, and in languages it’s definitely true.

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ielts reading

ANYONE attempting the IELTS reading section without preparation will struggle to reach a Band 7. This part of the exam is not easy and even native speakers have challenges.

In this post we cover:

-the three types of reading

-what is active reading and why it’s useful

-a technique to get you practising everyday

-a range of preparation exercises to get the exam skills you need


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ielts band jump

In this podcast I interview Felipe who managed to jump 1.5 Bands in the writing!

He shares how he did it and then we work on his weak spot (speaking).

Felipe and me do a mock speaking exam, and I give him feedback on the errors made and tips on how to improve.  

In this episode you will learn:

  • The best “mindset” to have while actually in the exam.
  • The type of language you need for the speaking exam.
  • How to improve quickly in the writing.
  • The optimum attitude for IELTS preparation.

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reading questions  logo

In this podcast I have a chat with an old friend of mine, a great IELTS tutor, a funny charismatic guy, also ex‐military! His name is Simon ‐ but nooooooooo ‐ he isn’t the other Simon with the IELTS blog, but he is from Manchester and equally as sharp! Listen to this podcast and learn:

The 10 types of reading questions
How to tackle  “Features matching” questions.
Why you shouldn’t read every word of the text…
A handful of test busting tips for solid exam preparation.
An important tip to help you avoid sneaky examiner tricks (negative sentences).

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