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In this tutorial, we examine an important IELTS skill for starting Writing Task 2: paraphrasing.

Firstly, let’s start by defining paraphrasing.

What is paraphrasing?

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How to avoid the most common mistake made in IELTS essay writing.

I have corrected over a 1000 essays, I am not joking, first I did it PDFs, then I started making video corrections.

And practically ALL the essays I’ve seen have this one problem.

Hopefully in this podcast I can give you a technique to overcome this problem.

All examples given are sentences that could easily be used in IELTS essays, this will make the tutorial more valuable.

The most common mistake I see in Task 2 is…


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ielts preparation

Meet Rose from the US, she is a popular online tutor and in this interview we talk about preparing for the IELTS exam. We discuss speaking strategies, how to learn a language, and common challenges learners of English encounter.

This interview is especially useful if you are an IELTS tutor or if you are preparing for the IELTS speaking with fellow friends.

Have a listen and let me know what you think, post a comment below.

At Italki you can find online tutors and free language exchanges. The whole platform is free to join, but you have to pay for classes (obviously). Sign up using this link:


Rose’s profile on Italki.

Listen to the interview here:

ielts student

At the beginning of September I had just moved into my new flat and unfortunately had no internet connection. Under normal circumstances this isn’t a problem, but Yvonne HAD LESS THAN 2 DAYS for her IELTS exam. Insane.

To get an internet connection I had to go to the library, to MacDonalds, to Starbucks, and even empty my phone data plan!

Thankfully though it all worked out wonderfully!

Yvonne bought the IELTS Sentence Guide on Thursday, worked with me Online, listened to all the tutorials, did all the work, sent all the essays then 15 days later sent me a fantastic email joyfully explaining her new IELTS score!

Have a read below for the whole story, then get in contact if you have your exam soon! I would live to help more students!

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In this podcast I chat with Jong from Italki, and he shares some advice for the speaking exam. From this interview you will learn a few strategies for the exam and hear a couple of funny stories too. Enjoy!


Jongs profile atItalki

Jong’s profile at Italki

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