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IELTS Speaking exam has also been called a listening exam, this is because in order to answer correctly, you must have understood the examiner.

What happens if the examiner has an accent you have never heard before? [click to continue…]

speaking practice

IELTS Speaking test. In this podcast you can listen to a British accent asking typical IELTS speaking questions.

In the recording you can practise your timing, answering and check if you understand the examiner’s questions.


IELTS Task 1 doesn’t have to be difficult. If you can master a few verb tenses, learn the appropriate verbs for describing change, and then group all the info into paragraphs you can pick up easy points.

In this post you can download the PDF, watch on Slideshare, or even watch the video on Youtube, -too many options!! And of course you can also find the podcast as always.

Also here is the 80/20 of the whole post: [click to continue…]

At college a friend always said if his A-Levels were songs he would get A grades for every subject, he had this unique ability to memorise song lyrics without even trying.

When you have a lyric trapped in your head it’s called an ‘ear-worm’

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speaking ielts task 2

Have you ever wondered how to prepare for the Speaking section?
Or what’s the best preparation a student can do to pass the IELTS exam?
How do you prepare a student for Speaking Task 2?
Do you know any techniques or hacks for Task 2? Or even Task 3?
How can you improve the fluency of a student?
A way to overcome exam nervousness? [click to continue…]