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In order to successfully pass the IELTS Listening test, you must familiarise yourself with all aspects of the test, how it is structured, how much time do you have and so on, but you must also define a strategy for taking the test. To help you start preparing, here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about the listening test, as well as some advice on what to do while taking it.   

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IELTS Success

In this podcast, I interviewed Debora who jumped 1.5 bands in writing! Amazing work Debora!

Debra shares how she did it in just 14 days!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • That the IELTS exam tests not only your use and knowledge of vocabulary but also if you can construct the argument itself
  • Being sure to focus on what the question in the exam was actually asking
  • Using the ebook that’s full of practice questions and answers that can help YOU prepare for the writing exam


1 – I’ve already failed the exam…(no idea why?!?!?!)

I am studying for my IELS which is the 25th of April. I already did the exam a month ago, I got 7.5 in listening and speaking, 6.5 in reading and only 5.5 in writing (overall was 7). I really have no idea of what are my mistakes in writing and I need 7.
I’ve read that you can correct essays for € 5.
Can I send you one?
Thank you Deb

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ielts speaking idioms

In this podcast we cover 14 idioms for describing people – very useful for typical IELTS questions in the speaking, we then go on to cover idioms to describe interests and activities.

Listening to this podcast will help you to understand when and how to use these expressions and most importantly how to pronounce them.

Download the podcast here:

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Fresh as a daisy

Someone who is lively and attractive, in a clean, fresh way.

My sister has been travelling for almost 24 hours, and she’s still as fresh as a daisy.  

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Meet Gabby from Go Natural English!

Gabby is exactly the type of teacher I like working with because:

  • she is bouncing with energy! (seriously this girl never stops)
  • cares sooooo much for her students :-)
  • has a results orientated attitude towards improving your English fluency
  • has transitioned from traditional education to online to help more students

In this episode Gabby will share some great tips for fluency, confidence, and general attitude towards English, you can also learn about the new English Power Pack -and save an absolute tonne of money in the process!

Download the podcast here:

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Power pack


$400 Worth of English Products and Courses for $97


ielts speaking five pooints to improve tape over mouth

The IELTS speaking test can be quite nerve-racking.

This is because it not only tests our mastery of English grammar rules, but also tests how fast we can comprehend the questions, recall the relevant knowledge, formulate the answers and deliver the answer in a fluent way with correct pronunciation -and all in very short span of time!

It provides hardly any time to think, to consolidate your thoughts into a logical answer and ensure that the delivery is smooth and in accordance with all the rules of grammar and enunciation.

This is why many believe this to be one of the most challenging parts of the IELTS exam.

Being prepared, however, will help you feel more capable and confident about acing the test.

To prepare it is useful to note the criteria for assessment used in IELTS.

This post covers the criteria used and includes tips to boost your score.

1. Fluency

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