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In this podcast we take a poor (but grammatically perfect) essay and transform it into a high scoring succinct masterpiece:-)

Here is a typical Task 2 question:

Employment is becoming an increasingly illusive goal for many graduates. Some say universities are failing in preparing students for the future, whereas others argue there is a fundamental fall in the calibre of graduates. What are the reasons for this? Has the quality of graduates dropped?

Here is the introduction: [click to continue…]


In this lesson we will look at the Band Descriptors for Academic Task 1, then focus on specific sentence structures. I would strongly suggest you get a pen and paper for this podcast and take notes. [click to continue…]

IELTS Listening

I know sometimes you have been in an English listening exam and got totally muddled up, panic stricken and completely lost!

In the exam room concentrating, then your mind wonders, you think about one certain word…and BANG the recording has moved on and you’re figuring out where the heck are we now? [click to continue…]


IELTS Speaking exam has also been called a listening exam, this is because in order to answer correctly, you must have understood the examiner.

What happens if the examiner has an accent you have never heard before? [click to continue…]

speaking practice

IELTS Speaking test. In this podcast you can listen to a British accent asking typical IELTS speaking questions.

In the recording you can practise your timing, answering and check if you understand the examiner’s questions.