Women and men have had different roles in the community since the beginning of history. Under modern conditions, these differences are slowly converging. However, due to the genetic inheritance and socio-demographic components, differences do exist.

Firstly, men are undoubtedly better adapted genetically to performing physical tasks. Therefore, the assumption that women can match men in everything is clearly flawed. The difference between their physical abilities is clearly demonstrated in the sporting arena. Take, for example, the Olympics or any international sporting event. It can be clearly seen that, in these competitions, the genders are separated due to inherent differences between the sexes.

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Secondly, it has been argued that women are less appreciated in society due to their traditional role in the home. This statement is true to a certain extent because it largely depends on the society. In certain traditional societies in Africa, women working are frowned upon and are seen as neglecting the family, whereas in Afghanistan, in general, women are allowed to do little else but stay at home, being a housewife. Consequently, a woman’s value is largely dictated by her society, culture and history. Nevertheless, to state that her place is in the home is widely considered sexist in modern western societies.

To conclude, differences do certainly exist; however, these are largely through nature. Also, the role women may have is usually dictated by other factors, such as religion or society, not ability.

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