This audio tutorial is all about how to apply academic writing to your IELTS essay.

Academic writing is communicative i.e transfers ideas in a coherent manner, most likely a fact based argument, and written with your audience in mind.

Who is your audience in IELTS?

The IELTS EXAMINER! –So make sure your handwriting is legible!!!

Jokes aside, your writing should:
– Avoid biases
– Avoid sweeping generalisations
– Avoid bringing preconceptions and prejudices to the essay

Academic writing is a FORMAL GENRE of writing, it has its own preferred style which includes:
– Not using contractions
– Not using informal language e.g. Pollution levels in the UK are totally increasing every year, and it is so important we change this.
– Not using any of these: ??!!!&&

In this audio tutorial we look at:
– How to clarify what is expected from you (the IELTS student)
– The four most common types of IELTS Task 2 questions
– The process for starting your IELTS essay
– The importance of feedback (from your friends and / or professionals)

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