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IELTS Topic Vocabulary – Education – with Ted Talk presentation

IELTS TOPIC VOCABULARY: EDUCATION Sir Ken Robinson discusses changing the education system. He makes a case for creating a new way to teach that encourages [...]

IELTS Topic Vocabulary – Crime – with Ted Talk presentation

IELTS TOPIC VOCABULARY: Crime What is a pickpocket? Apollo Robbins is the worlds best. Watch this funny video to find out. See if you can [...]

IELTS Topic Vocabulary – Politics – with Ted Talk presentation

IELTS TOPIC VOCABULARY: Politics The former Greek prime-minister offers an interesting insight as to why democracy is going down a blind alley. Nowadays some argue that democracy is under its biggest threat since inception, some argue that due to global capital markets the electorate has lost control of their government. What do you think? Give reasons and examples to support your position. Topic specific vocabulary terms: CAMPAIGN DEFICIT ELECTION TRANSPARENCY […]

IELTS Topic Vocabulary – Language and Culture – with Ted Talk

IELTS Language & Culture Vocabulary Topic: Make sure you are prepared for language and culture topics to come up in the IELTS exam. First, take a look at the specific vocabulary terms and  see if you are able to include them in an answer to the question below. In the 5 minute ted talk at the bottom of this page Jay Walker talks about mania, especially English mania, and why China will become the worlds biggest English speaking country. Scary. Use this talk to help inform your vocabulary knowledge of this topic in case it comes up in your IELTS! Global languages have many benefits and drawbacks, some argue they are necessary for cooperation and advancement, while others say they are harbingers of a future monoculture. IELTS Language & Culture Vocabulary Terms mania native language intellectual property global conversation […]

IELTS Topic Vocabulary – GLOBALISATION – with Ted Talk presentation

“Income inequality is driven by technology and globalization”, argues Chrystia Freeland in this TED Talk presentation. This TED Talk is an absolute must for IELTS [...]

IELTS Topic Vocabulary – SPORT- with Ted Talk presentation

IELTS TOPIC VOCABULARY: SPORT Christopher tells a fascinating story, about health, running and compassion.  Global sporting events have captured human interest for centuries, these events [...]

IELTS Vocabulary and Lexical Resource

IELTS Vocabulary and Lexical Resource Contents Topic Specific Vocabulary  Useful Topic Specific Collocation Learning Resources Academic Word List Ways to learn IELTS vocabulary fast [...]

IELTS Topic Vocabulary – HEALTH – with Ted Talk presentation

Learn IELTS Vocabulary by watching TED talks. Key terms, collocations and even possible Task 2 questions are listed. IELTS TOPIC VOCABULARY: HEALTH Listen to this [...]