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IELTS Writing Task

The writing section of the IELTS requires careful organization. There should be four - five paragraphs in the essay.

After receiving the question sheet, you should read the question thoroughly. You need to understand what it says and what it requires you to answer. Once you have read and analysed the question, you must figure out how you will go about developing your answers. Having a solid understanding of the marking criteria is also useful.

The fundamental requirement to building this body paragraph is to have an idea, a position or an opinion. To get the idea, you need the skill to read the question properly, analysing it to produce an idea. Once we have an idea, we can build the paragraphs. Then, having built the paragraphs, the introduction and conclusion are easy.

You should carefully choose which ideas you will include in your essay and which you should simply ignore. 

All concepts must move to satisfy the question and progress to elaborate on these concepts without deviating from the main topic.

But how do you formulate your ideas?

Try to get used to seeing a question and extracting two basic ideas with examples for paragraphs. 

These ideas form the basis of your paragraphs. 

Questions come in the following formats

Tips for improving your essays

  • Think of real world examples.
  • Get opinionated.
  • Think of hypothetical examples.

Examples of a questions and idea formulation

  1. Some people think that it is important to use leisure time for activities that improve the mind, such as reading and doing word puzzles. Other people feel that it is important to rest the mind during leisure time. Discuss both views and give your opinion. 

P1: Improve the mind through stimulus, make use of idle time, possibly even learn or improve a language with new apps

P2: Important to rest the mind .... because work can be stressful, rest can result in better performance at work ....

To conclude: it depends on the line of work / job that you have, if you are tired then relax if not then you should make use of the time.

  1. Some people say that universities should be concerned with educating people so that they will have more general knowledge and be able to consider important matters from an informed viewpoint. Other people say that universities should simply train students to do the jobs required by society and not concern themselves with broader issues. Discuss.

P1: People with more general knowledge could be more valuable as workers since they are better informed etc EG General studies...

P2: Workers who have been trained for particular jobs are more practical and therefore more valuable to society.... When they finish university, they are likely to have debts and need a job quickly to pay them off.

Conclusion, I believe that they should be taught practical skills so that they can quickly join the workforce.

More examples of IELTS topics and ideas can be found here.

How to Give Examples that Boost Your Score 

Now we have our ideas for each paragraph, in order to build a coherent paragraph we need add supporting points. One of the best ways to do this is with examples.

Examples are great
  • Make sure that they back up your idea and don’t conflict with it.
  • They are important because if your P1/P2 is unclear, your example could save you (Task Response)
  • Examples can range from general to specific

A good example should be more:

  1. Political (reading the Guardian is a good place to start).
  2. Geopolitical
  3. Academic
  4. Specific

If you have examples like: I have a friend... or My family... make them into a general case:

I have a friend who is stuck in the same job and talks about changing but never does.

Can be transformed and depersonalised into: 

In SPAIN / ENGLAND / RUSIA... it is common for young adults to leave their studies, find a non-challenging occupation and remain there due to the ease and comfort it provides.

To see some more examples have a look at these sample IELTS essays.

I have a friend…...In Spain, England, Italy it is common...
Stuck in the same jobHas a non-challenging occupation…..
Never changesEase and comfort of his occupation…...

How to Organise Your Ideas and Build Coherent Paragraphs That Flow 

In the online course we have an easy to use template whereby you just drop your ideas and examples into it and you can produce strong high scoring paragraphs. But we have more information on paragraphs here (audio podcast).

We would also recommend getting feedback on your essay writing, this is the fastest way to improve. Here we only employ native English speakers and EX-IELTS Examiners to correct your work, this way you can be sure you are getting excellent quality.