Ray Connors
Toowoomba, Australia

Dr.Raymond Connors, and Australian native English speaking ESL professional has many years experience in delivering IELTS courses, TOEIC, Business English, and in developing English language programs for all ages.
He also specializes in ESL teacher training, and acts as a consultant to a number of successful English language training centers and Ministries of Education in Asia. He has an impressive background prior to his 14 years in English coaching, particularly in business, music and photography, so he is able to relate to a wide range of people and their English learning needs.
Dr.Ray has impressive testimonials from students of all ages and from all walks of life, as his manner of teaching is direct, but flexible and friendly. In his class, the student is the most important person, and he believes in delivering what the student needs-not what wastes time and costs more money than is necessary.

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New IELTS Speaking evaluation service.

Really simple to use.

How does it work?

Record your answer using your phone or computer.

Email it as an attachment to:


at= @

Wait 24 hours, let the native speaker evaluate it and then receive a report in your email.

What do I get?

Here is a typical evaluation:

Overall, I noticed that you seemed quite fluent and comfortable as you spoke. I noticed a few areas for improvement as well. For example, the vocabulary you used in response to Part 2 was not very technical, and some of the words, like “writing,” that you used were not very accurate. In the case of “writing,” you could have used “essay” or “report.”

Your grammar was quite accurate much of the time, although you relied too heavily on using simple sentence structures. You did seem to struggle with verb tenses here and there, for example, using the present progressive tense in Part 1 when you described your work instead of the simple present.

Your pronunciation was clear throughout all sections on the level of individual words. However, intonation and sentence stress are areas to focus on. Remember that when you make a statement (a sentence ending with a full stop) in English, your voice generally goes down at the end of the sentence, and that when you ask a question, your voice goes up.

Finally, your cohesion could use some work. I noticed that you attempted to use transitions as you spoke, but some of them were incorrect. For instance, you want to use “moreover” when you are adding details, not when you are telling events in sequence. Also, you did not answer the questions as directly as you should. Your answers were too long at times.

Why should I do it?

Exam coming up in the next few days?  Solve any last minute problems before going into the exam. If you had an evaluation like the one above, you may want to concentrate on your intonation and vocabulary.

How long does it take?

5 minutes to record, and then just 24 hours until you get your personalised report.

Will you guarantee the purchase or refund me if I am not completely satisfied?

Of course! You know me! 🙂 Click the blue button below. (Paypal not required).

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