Meet Tracy, an EX-IELTS Examiner, invigilator and all round awesome person!

Did you know it takes between 10 – 15 minutes for an IELTS examiner to grade your paper?

And that they usually assume the paper is at a Band 5 – 6.5, then from there they award or take points.

Also, do you know which criteria they start with? Task response? Cohesion and coherence? Grammatical Range and Accuracy or Lexical Resource? Which do you think?

Well it’s actually, Task Response!

Because if it’s off topic the examiner can assume it’s some memorised text, and therefore not a true reflection of your ability.

How interesting is that?


I learned ALL this information and a lot more by interviewing a very smart EX-IELTS examiner called Tracy.

In this tutorial Tracy shares valuable advice on how to prepare for the exam, boost your score and offers some really practical advice.

My personal advice is to listen to the interview then try some sample IELTS Task 2 questions, get familiar with the style of the questions, then write an essay and get it corrected here.

Here are the questions I asked:

Can you explain the whole process of grading an IELTS writing paper?

How much time do you spend grading a paper?

Is the examiner’s criteria widely different from the public one?

What’s the most frequent mistake you find when grading papers?

What is the best way to prepare?

Is there a quick way to boost a score regarding R W S L?

This is a great tutorial and will give you an insight into the examiner’s mind. If you are in a hurry and absolutely positively must pass the exam ASAP, and have tried a few times already, then why not invest in your education and complete this online course.

Last word, Tracy isn’t the EX-IELTS examiner who wrote and reviewed the Band 9 Essay from this tutorial.

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