IELTS Essay Writing Improvement

Many find producing high-quality writing challenging. The complex criteria that examiners use to assess your work looks at everything from the grammatical and lexical details, to the accuracy and coherence of your response. Keeping track of every point may seem impossible, but we can help you to master IELTS writing in a very short amount of time with our proven methods.

Thoroughly understanding what is required of you in the essay-style questions takes a lot of practice. Repetition over time is the key to perfecting any skill, and there are many skills to master to express yourself concisely. Finding language experts to assist you can be tricky, but don’t be tempted to take instruction from just anyone; bad advice is more destructive than no advice, so make sure you trust your source!

The IELTS writing bands are described using the following four sections. Each of these sections is scored separately before your overall writing score is calculated:

  • Task & Achievement
  • Coherence & Cohesion
  • Lexical Resource
  • Grammatical Range & Accuracy

These areas measure how well you responded to the question. It provides the examiner with information about how well you comprehended the request, and how functionally you present a response. Staying on-topic and writing in an objective academic style are imperative for success. Simple practices such as learning a fool-proof structure or working to eliminate small grammatical errors will greatly improve your writing. Your ideas must also be presented clearly, ordered well and developed thoroughly.

This is clearly all too much to manage alone; it is highly-recommended that you receive quality feedback on every sample question that you answer. Assessing your own responses is not an effective way to improve, and should be avoided. To get great feedback that builds your abilities daily, critique should be sought from professional writers or IELTS experts who can help you to master the complexity of academic writing.

If you don’t have many native-speaking professional writer friends, we offer a complete writing improvement course that guarantees to simplify IELTS writing tasks with a step-by-step program. In each module we offer feedback on your responses to ensure that you build the necessary skills to impress even a British Council examiner.

More information on essay writing improvement can be found at my website. Let’s aim for band 8 together!