Raza Smashes the Band 7 Barrier for Writing with a Full band Jump

Raza is a graduate of medicine, continuing his studies in the UK; he is originally from Pakistan. In the course of his studies he has learned to read quickly and effectively; his spoken English is of a high standard and he understands what he hears quite well. Raza, however, could not get band seven for his writing, not even in four attempts.
Four failed attempts at band 7 is depressing, especially since doctors are expected to diagnose problems and solve them, they’re supposed to be smart, aren’t they? How could this be happening?

Raza's IELTS certificate

Raza’s IELTS certificate

Too Much Information is Confusing

Google did not have an answer. (Blasphemy?) Opening and reading every page on the subject of IELTS writing just leads to confusion. It’s like having several different guides all taking you to the same place via different routes. Without a clear plan, he didn’t know what to leave out of his essay, what to put in or where to put it. Raza needed direction, someone to point the way through the maze.

The Light Shines

Fortunately for Raza, his cousin had previously faced the same trouble in making band 7 in writing and had taken advantage of the courses available on Sentence Guide; she happily told him of the success she had enjoyed as a result. Raza was hesitant, after all, he had already blown 640 pounds on four failed exams and wasn’t keen to add the price of a course to his list of wasted expenses. However a little bit of inductive reasoning told him he had to do something. He had to give it a try.

The Rough Road to Improvement

Raza remembers the feedback given him regarding his practice essays; it was never sugar-coated, just straight to the point. He confesses that if it had not been so direct, he might not have paid enough attention and he wouldn’t have achieved a whole band jump from 6.5 to 7.5.

Next Dragon Please

Now that Raza has successfully vanquished band 7 in all areas, he’s taking the Sentence Guide course again to prepare to attain 7.5 on all bands. He will need it to practise medicine in the UK and he intends to be fully prepared for this round. The wisdom of such preparation is not hard to see when you consider that Raza’s successful exam effort could have been another failure; he almost failed his reading because his mind was swimming with thoughts and apprehensions about failing his writing. The next bout will see him more prepared, more confident, and more relaxed. We’ll keep you posted.