No More Frustration! Confusion disappears!

This online course contains the most frequent and useful essay plans to instantly write clear coherent essays. It even includes essay correction TO GUARANTEE YOU IMPROVE. I have been teaching this method now for about a year and slowly perfecting it. Finally I have it down to four powerful universal plans.

My mind goes blank! I cannot organise my thoughts!

You may have good English skills, but that still is not enough because on exam day you must think of ideas–usually on some topic you have no interest in. And then you have to think of an opinion, present it, structure it, write it, etc. etc. all in 40 minutes!

The essay almost writes itself…

Most exam guides give vague advice like ‘structure your essay’ or ‘use academic vocabulary’ but FAIL to give you SPECIFIC SENTENCE-BY-SENTENCE INSTRUCTIONS. With my Sentence Guide the essay almost writes itself.

Any student that needs a Band 7 or higher can work with me, get help and feedback to use this 3-step system, today.

“Hi Ben! I`m glad to tell you that I passed the IELTS and i got 6.5 in writing! It is really amazing! Thank you a lot and good luck.”
- Lena
“Hi Ben,
Thank you! As for my plans now, I have a chance to migrate to Canada. I have an overall score of 6.5 which gives me a new opportunity in life and t…”
- Lena S
Sincerely, I am extremely happy that I have found your course. I have really enjoyed it and am learning a lot! Your sentence guide is easy to understand and to follow. It is really amazing! I hope to pass the exam for a good score. Anyway I will write you about my results.


  • How to ‘start up’ your writing brain when you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what to write. – NO MORE STARING AT BLANK PAGES thinking what to write.! – Guaranteed!
  • How to increase the score of every single essay you write.
  • How to write in an academic native speaker style.
  • What is the most important component of an essay.
  • 4 Rock solid plans you can use for the most important part of the essay.
  • How to write a Band 7 essay even if you have never written an essay before.
  • The single biggest mistake most students make when writing the task 2 essay…and how to avoid it.
  • How to practically guarantee your essays get full points for Task Response and Cohesion / Coherence.
  • A secret technique to improve your score by at least 10% on exam day.
  • Why you must use these types of examples in every essay you write.
  • It has plans that most students have never used before. But it doesn’t just list them, it tells you how to use them!
  • It tells you where to use them (introduction, paragraph 1)….you then get your essay corrected.


Writing and Speaking (everything!)
ALL the writing course (explained opposite)
11 module IELTS Speaking Confidence Course ($49)
1 Speaking exam via Skype
Full access to the IELTS Reading preparation course ($49)
IELTS Sentence Guide Writing - with essay corrections
GUARANTEE Jump from Band 6.5 to 7, or it’s free (Writing)
24h Email IELTS Support
5 Task Two Essay corrections
3 Task One Essay corrections (Academic or General)
Access to Task One and Two video course (Covers General and Academic)
IELTS Sentence Guide Writing - No essay corrections
24h Email IELTS Support
Access to Task One and Two video course (Covers General and Academic)

*Exclusive and emergency private tutoring options are available for students that meet the criteria. Please apply here.

Specialist IELTS Teacher Training Courses are also available here.

How does the Sentence Guide work?

1. Watch the videos

Learn the first 3 videos (really easy). Watch them on your phone, tablet, laptop. Watch them while at the gym, at home, or on a lunch break.

2. Write your essay

Send it to us for evaluation and feedback. We will show you where you are doing well and what needs improving.

Follow the instructions in the videos to write your high scoring essay (really simple).

3. Email us your work

Follow the instructions in the videos to write your high scoring essay (really simple).

4. Get your corrected essay back in 24h

Review your unique essay correction, discover your mistakes, and improve your writing.

5. Repeat: Watch more videos, write more essays

After sending your first essays you get instructions to watch more videos, and write more essays. Improvement is guaranteed.

You get 8 IELTS essay corrections

Follow the instructions in the videos to write your high scoring essay (really simple).



Dear Ben,

I finally scored a 7 on each part, just what I needed! I want to thank you for your help in the writing skill.

Without it, I had probably failed on getting a 7 because my main problem was to “over-think” the structure of the essay, trying to say too much in too little space, and also overcomplicating my sentences: a complete mess!

To tell you the truth, I had read many different strategies about how to deal with the part 2 of the writing test before purchasing your course and, I didn’t have a clear way of how to do it.

So, after listening to your podcast I decided to give a try to your course and I have to say I was impressed, it is easy to understand and follow, basic but powerful.

Best regards and keep helping students!

Allejandro, Spain

online ielts course essay plan


Hi Ben,

I am writing to thank you for your kind assistance. Your method works. I took and exam twice since I had purchased your ebook. I got an incredible result in Writing immediately (7.5 in January and 8 in March), although previous results was 6 and 6.5 Could you tell me if you have similar methods or materials related to Speaking part? It is highly important to me because my last result Listening 7.5, Reading 7, Writing 8 but Speaking 6.5. I failed again and I am so frustrated. I was wondering if you could give me some advice related to my problem? Thank you in advance.

Vitaly, Russia

Hi Ben ,

Just got the results for the exam , so disappointed , but I work with you 4 days and you improve my writing from 5 to 6.5 but was not enough , I need 7 . I will schedule the exam on 10 May , I need your help to get 7 . I am ready to pay but I need it , so please let me know . Thanks.

Aousien, Saudi Arabia


  • You have email support at every step.
  • You learn the number one rule that absolutely must be observed for every IELTS student to write a truly band jumping essay.
  • Discover the silly mistakes 90% of all IELTS students make while writing an essay and how to quickly learn the ‘inside’ secrets of the high scoring 10%.
  • The ‘8 minute secret’ that can turn your essay around immediately (it’s so simple you will kick yourself for not thinking of it).
  • Why studying alone will do very little to improve your grade.
  • You can buy other IELTS books but do they give you feedback?



Hi, Ben!
Sure I will! As soon as I receive my official results I’ll send you my picture.
My plan is go to Hamilton, Canada, to study Autism and behavioural science (I am pediatric physiotherapist).
It is noteworthy that the exam was much more difficult than the others and the tests I had made. When the exam finished, everybody was speechless, desolate, I saw in their faces, including me…
The listening and reading was absolutely impossible to do. And I did lots of exercices in books, internet, your course… these two were my guarantee ( I’ve ALWAYS marked higher then 30), and I took 5.5. But who cares??? It was exactly what I needed!!!About this difficulty, I thought strange… You know, thousands of people want to go out from Brazil because of our economy. In my opinion, they are difficulting this out. I don’t know how, I don’t know who, but the test was surreal. I know the IELTS and British Council are serious, but I don’t know how or if government has influence in change the test.
Who has money, go out of Brazil, consequently less money in the country. Because we make the economy movement.
Right now, I will wait my certificate, apply to the College, wait for a YES, apply for visa and make the bags!!!!
But why Canada? Me and my husband went there a few years ago, and we loved! We travel a lot and we met many places, but Canada was a place that we both said ” I can live here…”
Although we live in a tropical country and in front of beach, we love cold and skiing!
Wel, this is my little story!

Follow the instructions in the videos to write your high scoring essay (really simple).

hello there!

Ben and Gwendolyn, Just to give you context of my situation I took writing lessons from you guys in Feb for my IELTS exam on 20 Feb. It was my second attempt and in my previous attempt I scored 6.5 in writing and in my second attempt I scored 6 :(. I applied for re-evaluation and I got my result today.
So just wanted to inform you that i scored 5 now :(…LOL I am kidding my score has gone up to 7…I want to say heartfelt thank you to both of you for all the hard work you put in. All the lessons, feedback, test etc is so worth trying for all the students who want to score good in IELTS…. Thanks a lot guys. I have got my desired score (CLBP 9 for Canada PR)  and writing section was one thing that I used to be afraid of ,but this time I was so confident. I applied for re-evaluation coz of you guys. I had confidence that I would at least score 7 and I made it…
Gwendolyn, I know its hard but please don’t start finding mistakes in this email (especially the punctuation). I am in ecstatic mood today :P….You will play an important role in making my Canada dream come true ???? ???? :)…Your writing lessons have not only help in IELTS but in real life too. I can see massive improvement when I write office emails.
Thanks a ton guys!
 Dear Ben,
Thank you for your help and great support. Finally, I got the Ielts after 12 trials. I NEVER give up. I got band 7 as an overall.  Best regards,  Wael


I passed the ielts.
It was a dream .
Thank you from the deep of my heart. You are a genius, I wouldnt success without you. God bless you.
Reading 8.5
Listening 8.5
Writing 7.5
Speaking 8.0

I am Jay from India. I took IELTS in order to apply for PhD in Australia. In my first attempt I scored above 7 band in R,L and S but I scored only 5.5 in writing. I was unable to digest my writing scores because I used to believe that I am good in writing essays.

So I had to sit again in the exam for improving my writing score to a minimum band of 6.0 within 14 days as per course’s deadline requirement. With no supervision of any expert I somehow found your help online. Trust me I just followed your guidelines to attack essay questions. Then I focused on my mistakes that I committed last time.

I managed to improve my writing score to 6.5 this time. All credit goes to you.
Thanks a ton

Writing and Speaking (everything!)
ALL the writing course (explained opposite)
11 module IELTS Speaking Confidence Course ($49)
1 Speaking exam via Skype
Full access to the IELTS Reading preparation course ($49)
IELTS Sentence Guide Writing - with essay corrections
GUARANTEE Jump from Band 6.5 to 7, or it’s free (Writing)
24h Email IELTS Support
5 Task Two Essay corrections
3 Task One Essay corrections (Academic or General)
Access to Task One and Two video course (Covers General and Academic)
IELTS Sentence Guide Writing - No essay corrections
24h Email IELTS Support
Access to Task One and Two video course (Covers General and Academic)


Over the last two or three decades, more and more people are taking IELTS, either to find a job or to study in English-speaking countries. For many people, studying IELTS online is an attractive one. However, there are both pro and cons to deciding to do this. In this post, we will find out some of the reasons why studying IELTS online is so popular and some of the challenges to be overcome.

Pros of Online IELTS

1. Cheaper than regular classes. One of the main positives of studying online is that it is more inexpensive than regular classes. You don’t have to pay for transportation or expensive textbooks. You just pay for the course fee and that’s it. If you are on a tight budget, then online IELTS classes is right for you.

2. More convenient. Taking online IELTS classes offers convenience. You can study anywhere around the world as long as you have internet connection. You can do it at the comfort of your own home which is ideal for working people who do not have time to attend classroom lectures. You will get your materials and practice tests through email or via file transfer systems such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Your teachers will communicate with you through Skype or email.

3. Instruction is individualized. Online IELTS learning allows you to enjoy individual attention from your teacher compared to a regular classroom with 10 to 20 students. In a physical environment, you might get intimidated with your other classmates. In an online set-up, you won’t be shy in asking questions to your teacher. You can ask questions via email or chat anytime.

4. Less pressure. Some people get pressured by other students especially if they have high scores. Online IELTS learning would relieve you of that stress since you are working individually and not in a classroom. Your teacher would give you practice tests as homework. You won’t have to stress about other people’s scores as long as you have good time management.

5. Flexible schedules. Many people who are taking the IELTS are working. That is why they can only take evening or weekend classes. Sometimes, their schedules might conflict with other commitments. In an online class, you have the flexibility to choose a schedule which is suitable for you. You can opt to have just one hour a day.

6. Promotes self-discipline. Online IELTS learning not only gives you knowledge about IELTS, it also teaches you to become more disciplined. You study by yourself in online IELTS classes. You study at home without the presence of your teacher who monitors your performance. As a result, you become more self-reliant and you improve in terms of your drive to achieve your target band score.

7. Location. Online IELTS learning solves the problem of students who have difficulty finding IELTS classes in their locality. You don’t have to travel to your class and you can just study at home.

Cons of Online IELTS

1. Lack of student interaction. A major problem of taking IELTS online classes is the lack of student interaction. Some students are motivated by their classmates. In a classroom setting, you can exchange notes with your classmates, get feedback from them, and receive tips from them. However, in an online setting, the feeling of isolation can be discouraging for some.

2. Chance of distractions. Another issue is that it can be distracting to study IELTS online if you have kids or friends living with you. When you are at home, there are plenty of distractions such as interrupting children, ringing phone, loud music and so on. In a physical classroom, learning can be more conducive since it is more quiet and has less distractions.

3. Encourages procrastination. Your sense of discipline will be challenged since there is no teacher to monitor you when you take your tests. You might not manage your time properly and as a result, you might extend your time when doing the writing tests. You might put off answering the mock exams since no one will be pressuring you to complete the IELTS tests. There is no strict routine.

4. Risks of technical issues. Online IELTS learning requires internet access. There are times when connection would be slow which could hamper the learning process. Other possible issues that might be encountered are inaudible sounds, corrupted files, virus or malware. One must have a fast and reliable internet connection to get the best of your online IELTS class.

5. Can be time-consuming. Let’s face it. Guidance from your teacher wouldn’t always be available. Unlike in the physical classroom where you can immediately get feedback and answers from your instructor, feedback in an online class might take a while. You would have to email or text your teacher but they might not respond to you quickly.

6. Must have basic technological skills. A good online IELTS website complete with professional materials and technical support is nothing if the student is not tech-savvy. There are some students who are not adept in computers and might struggle with using technology. They would just end up wasting money since they are unable to utilize the course. It is suggested that students know what they are paying for and how the course is run before they enroll in an online class.

7. Too much freedom. A number of students might complain about the rigid structure of regular IELTS classes. They get stifled and bored with the routine. On the other hand, online IELTS courses can provide too much flexibility. This would work against students who lack discipline and do not manage their time well. You should know how to prioritize your lessons to get a high IELTS band score. Sometimes, having too much flexibility might not be a good idea.

All things considered, studying IELTS can be very challenging. You need to weigh the pros of convenience, value for money and so on, and the cons of lack of student interaction and distractions. It’s up to you to decide what works best for you.