Everything was set up, we spoke for an hour, had a really good chat, said goodbye, then I realised I hadn’t recorded ANYTHING!



However, full credit to Nigel he agreed to do it ALL again for us, just showing what a great guy he really is.


Meet Nigel an experienced IELTS tutor from the UK, and part owner of the excellent online academy: ipassielts.com

Higher score or your money back, things don’t get much fairer than that.

(However you do have to be prepared to put the hours in!).



On this recording Nigel explains, learner centred learning covering how different students have different learning





We explore the value of support when studying and how the course offers this alongside tuition and personal attention.

Nigel tells us about IELTSAmigo an exciting new project were students can meet and find expert advice and have a chat with the teacher.


We cover ways of practising the Speaking section without a native English speaker.

All though it isn’t ideal, the important thing is practising and getting confidence.




For the speaking Nigel explained the best approach is really understanding the exam, the three parts.

For part one: Think about your answers, make them interesting.

For the second part, don’t get carried away, remember the sub questions.

For the third part -IF absolutely necessary- you can lie, at the end of the day it’s a test of fluency and accuracy not truth.


Common Errors


I also asked which are the most common errors students make on the IELTS?

And then we discuss which is the best way to approach the writing section? Nigel recommends 50-60% of the time should be spent on planning, choosing the verbs, the argument, the vocabulary etc.


‘If you plan, you come up with a much better answer ….and then of course do the checking’.



Courses also specialised for nurses and the medical professions, so those taking IELTS to work as a nurse – check this out!


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