Meet JoeMcVeigh, not only does he co-author textbooks, he is an English language consultant.


He has over 25 years experience ranging from designing curricula, training trainers, and administering intensive English language programmes.

This podcast will be very helpful if you are considering doing an intensive language course, or you would like to learn English fast.


I asked Joe some of the following questions:


How can a student spend 6 years learning English and finish without being able to speak a word? (Common in some EU and Asian countries).

What kind of programme would you design for an international student who is about to start in higher education? What areas would take precedence?

Could you share your opinion on the use of IEP to prepare for official exams, such as the TOEFL or IELTS?

What would a student be wise looking for when assessing purchasing a course?

Sometimes I tell my students not to do IEPs because of their effectiveness. One student went to Dublin, spent two weeks learning grammar, he was around eight other non-English speakers, he said he tried to socialise with the locals but he couldn’t understand them. My student came back depressed and with €2000 less in his pocket.

Could you share your thoughts on this please.

What is the goal of an IEP and how is it achieved?

Do IEPs decrease the amount of time required to learn a language?

How would a student learn English fast?  

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