In this tutorial we look at an official IELTS Reading Exam practice, and go through how to answer every question on the test.

IELTS Reading Exam practice


  • How to skim and paraphrase.
  • The importance of time, planning and pacing.
  • How to match paragraphs and headings effectively.
  • The best preparation strategy
  • How to do True / False / Not given.
  • How to fill tables.

IELTS Reading Exam Practice

In this IELTS reading exam practice, you’ll be taken through the tricks and tactics of skimming and paraphrasing in order to read and take notes faster. In addition, those who go through the tutorial will also learn the importance of timing, planning and pacing themselves as they read. The essence of reading is to understand the message.

Further, students who take the IELTS reading exam practice tutorial, and listen to it, will learn the best preparation strategy. This will lead to positive results in the actual exam. This tutorial will also show you how to effectively match paragraphs and headings.

Another important aspect of the IELTS reading exam practice is that it provides students with information on how to handle the True-False-Not-Given questions. This gives the student the perfect practice in tackling such questions with ease when it comes to the actual exam.

You will also get to know how to fill tables. The practice will help you gain the experience and the right pace that will help you tackle table related questions of the IELTS reading exam.

Another thing that’s most important is to understand the instructions given. By going through this tutorial, you are able to understand the instructions and familiarize yourself with the feel, the look, as well as the environment of the IELTS reading exam. The IELTS reading exam practice is the best tutorial for those seeking to pass it. Kindly download as directed below.

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