In this tutorial, we review the 6 common themes for Part 2 of the IELTS Speaking test (listed below).

Then you will see and hear some sample answers.

In these answers, I am largely following the Reflect and Fill 6 ™ method -which I will briefly explain in a minute.

If you are already familiar with this method then this tutorial will be very useful to see how easy how effective it is.

After I explain the six common themes, I share how to effectively use the phrases and vocabulary.

Here are the themes:

Describe a person (friend, family member, famous person…)

Describe an object (something you use, a present…)

Describe a place (city, location, holiday…)

Describe an activity (interest, game, sport…)

Describe your favourite (book, film, magazine, website…)

Describe an event (festival, concert, celebration…)

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