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Melissa jumps from 6.5 to 7.5 in 9 days!

Meet Melissa! She is on her way to Toronto Canada very soon! Yes she jumped from Band 6.5 in the writing to 7.5! In this [...]

IELTS Writing Score Remark

Ever thought about asking for an IELTS remark? Ever convinced that you MUST have improved and ABSOLUTELY deserved a Band 7 or higher? This is [...]

IELTS Writing 136 | From 6.5 to 7.5 – HOW?

Raza Smashes the Band 7 Barrier for Writing with a Full band Jump Raza is a graduate of medicine, continuing his studies in the UK; [...]

133 IELTS Writing Success Story – How did he get from 6.5 to 7?

This student really surprised me with his focus and ambition to pass IELTS. His first essay looked like this: International marketing is sometimes seen as [...]

IELTS Success 129 | Joe Jumps to 7.5 in the Writing

In this podcast Joe C shares how he used two score boosting resources for his exam prep. The first resource was this Online IELTS course where you get plenty of feedback and improvement (includes 8 IELTS essay checks!). The course is probably the fastest way EVER to learn how to get ideas and structure your essay. Find out more about this online IELTS course here: […]

IELTS SUCCESS | 125 Divya jumps to Band 7 in 15 days (also asked for a remark…)

IELTS Online Course

IELTS Success | 122 She asked for remark of her IELTS result and…

There is nothing more demotivating than feeling really positive about how your exam went only to find out you did not get the results you hoped for. In some of those cases, you simply didn’t do as well as you thought. In others, your exam got marked incorrectly. And in the latter case, the best thing to do can be to apply for a remark. […]

116 IELTS Writing – Student questions answered

This is the second podcast with Gabriela, this time we will focus 100% on the writing. Her questions are below in italics, followed by a summary of my answer.

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115 IELTS Speaking – Student questions answered

  In this podcast I talk with a student who is about to take the IELTS for a sixth time and is quite fed up, frustrated and confused over what needs to be done to PASS IELTS!   Her questions are below in italics, followed by a summary of my answer.     Q1 What speaking strategy should I use to improve my score? […]

114 – L8.5, R8, S8, W6.5! – What’s the solution?

In this new IELTS Podcast we talk with Dennise about passing IELTS. Unfortunately she has failed four times, that’s almost USD $1000 in exam fees to the British Council. Not to mention spending money on books, preparation courses, tutors, etc. In her latest exam she got L 8.5, R 8, S 8, W 6.5 – So what’s the solution? […]