Debora shares how she did it in just 14 days!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • That the IELTS exam tests not only your use and knowledge of vocabulary but also if you can construct the argument itself
  • Being sure to focus on what the question in the exam was actually asking
  • Using the ebook that’s full of practice questions and answers that can help YOU prepare for the writing exam

I’ve already failed the exam…(no idea why?!?!?!)”

I am studying for my IELTS which is the 25th of April. I already did the exam a month ago, I got 7.5 in listening and speaking, 6.5 in reading and only 5.5 in writing (overall was 7). I really have no idea of what are my mistakes in writing and I need 7.
I’ve read that you can correct essays.
Can I send you one?
Thank you Deb


Hi Deb,

First question: do you think we have the time to work through the preparation for the test which is the next 25th April?
Yes, 10 days is the absolute minimum, if you work quick, next month isn’t a problem. 
What worried me is not only grammar, lexical and coherence and cohesion. It is also task response. I don’t know whether I am able to find strong arguments for the main body, for instance, solutions to hypothetical problems or examples form my main idea or, sometimes, the main idea itself. May happened that I have an opinion on some topic but I am not able to developed it and I feel frustrated.
Totally normal! There is a chapter dedicated to examples and arguments, it isn’t difficult, you’ll be surprised.
So, and this is the second question, what do you suggest to do now? Do I purchase the sentence guide and we can start to work hardly since today?
Yes I think the this course is the best option, and we can start straight away!?
Speak soon,

Hi Ben!

Well the exam has been done. I am not so confident but it’s my nature.

Maybe you are interested in the topics that occurred.

TASK 1 was 4 (damn) pie charts about the amount of hours worked weekly by male/female employees and male/female self-employees in 2007.

TASK 2 was “News media are important in the modern society. Why are they are so important? Do they have positive or negative effects in the society?”

Speak soon


Hi Ben,

As we said, I send you the picture of my result. If you want to share it with a message here it is:
Thank you for your help, I improved a lot with your guide. From 5.5 to 7 in only 2 weeks. You’ve saved my life (and my wallet). 
Great job.



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