Ashish has some great tips to share to get through IELTS.

He downloaded around 15 Cambridge IELTS textbooks, I think he got a torrent or something. Then did the listening and reading sections from each test. All 15!

That is the best way to master the IELTS exams for reading and listening.

Then for the speaking, he found a partner and practiced weekly, asking questions from recent exams, and from a Vietnamese IELTS speaking textbook he found online.

The book was useful because it had lots of vocabulary but it wasn’t very recent, so the topics were outdated.

Then for the writing, he got feedback! He found his essays improved A LOT, he used the simple framework for essay writing, found in the Sentence Guide. He said, the essay simple structure made IELTS Writing Task 2 very easy.

After using the Sentence Guide structure and completing the course, he managed to get his Band 7 in the writing and will soon go to Canada!

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