In this podcast Joe C shares how he used two score boosting resources for his exam prep.

The first resource was this Online IELTS course where you get plenty of feedback and improvement (includes 8 IELTS essay checks!). The course is probably the fastest way EVER to learn how to get ideas and structure your essay. Find out more about this online IELTS course here:

His second tool used for IELTS success was this book. First he downloaded it, and eventually bought it -because it was so good!

Then he did 10 exercises every day for about 3 months!


Joe is a real talker and was a little annoyed when the examiner was cutting him off during the speaking exam, however, I explained that they have very little time, and want to ask you as many questions as possible.

I also shared how these resources can help you get used to the exam, and how listening to mock speaking exams, and mimicking them will improve your fluency. I also shared a great podcast just full of IELTS speaking questions, so you can listen and then answer, and get used to the speed of the speaking exam. You can also get a jumbo sized pdf full of IELTS materials, including around 20 IELTS Speaking cue cards, for free, here.

Have a listen then tell me your thoughts in the comments below.