Ever thought about asking for an IELTS remark?

Ever convinced that you MUST have improved and ABSOLUTELY deserved a Band 7 or higher?

This is very common, much more common than you would think.

And it’s a complete catch 22.

Cambridge definition catch-22

You have two options, spend money and ask for a remark, if you are not awarded the change you pay the cost.

Or you pay for another exam. Either way you pay!


What would you do?

The usual response is to become hyper focused, determined, almost obsessed to pass IELTS. Sound familiar?

I commend and admire this approach, nothing is more pleasing for a true teacher to help motivated students who are determined to improve.

This is exactly what happened to Jose from the Philippines, he got his exam result in 2015 and scored a 7 for the writing, then in his next exam he got a 6.5 for the writing. This also happened to Gabriela.

Then he spent the next few months working relentlessly with the SentenceGuide.com course. His essays improved considerably, and his writing skills jumped quickly.

Then he took the test and was still on 6.5 for the writing…

But he was absolutely sure he had improved, so…

…he asked for a remark.

And after 10 weeks of waiting he got it and his scores were adjusted by the British Council.

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