Recent IELTS general task 1 letter questions

In this tutorial, we will answer 3 recent general task 1 questions seen in the IELTS exam. IELTS general writing task 1 takes the form of a letter. Here candidates are asked to respond to a complaint, request information or explain a certain situation.
  • You should spend no more than 20 minutes on this test and you should write at least 150 words. Task 1 forms 33% of your total IELTS writing mark.
Below are the recent questions and sample answers. 1. Write a letter to your manager about your work from last year. Include
  • What you did
  • What you think you could improve
  • A training request
Sample Answer: Dear David Wallace,  I am writing in response to your request for the annual self appraisal report.  Over the last 12 months I have managed to reorganise the entire accounting department by promoting Mr Kevin Malone to a leadership position. Miss Angela Martin has been transferred to become the product lead for the new range we launched. Furthermore, to improve efficiency I had to let go of Mr Toby Flanders because we realised we could outsource his work abroad. Since his removal the office morale has increased significantly. I think there is definite room for improvement in sales, a few employees get distracted too easily. We can solve this by implementing a cubicle system so as to reduce contact between staff. I also think we could outsource reception and secretary tasks abroad and further cut costs.  Finally, I am willing to implement all the above but I believe it could be executed flawlessly if I were to receive training. I believe if the company allowed me one day off a week to complete my evening MBA, I would be able to not only save money for the company but also potentially bring in new higher calibre team members.  Best regards, Ben W  2. Write a letter to your friend about a job opportunity you came across that they might find interesting. In your letter, you should:
  • give some details about the job
  • mention how you came across the job opportunity
  • explain why you feel the job would be suitable for your friend
Sample Answer: Hello Gareth,  Hope you are doing well, it's been a while since we spoke but I remember you wanted to start a new career as an engineer.  Well just yesterday I was browsing the jobs section of the Guardian website and I saw a very enticing job advert, I've never heard of the company but the job offer seemed amazing.  The offer includes free training, then on the job mentoring with the senior executives, followed by a free course endorsed by the Leadership Bureau. Also the financial package was truly exceptional, especially considering all the training involved. With this job you work 30 weeks a year in the office, and 15 at home. You also get a new macbook pro, broadband internet paid for, and your expenses are reimbursed for setting up your new home office.  I immediately thought of you because I know you love learning and training and have always wanted to be mentored. It also seemed to tick all the boxes for work life balance, which I know is necessary right now because of your newborn.  Anyway, I have attached the link and a screenshot of the advert, I'd apply promptly though because it seems like they'll get a lot of applications.  All the best, Ben W  3.Your friend is about to move into a new house. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter
  • offer to help him/her to move
  • explain how exactly you can help
  • ask him/her some questions about the new house
Sample Answer: Hi Donald,  Hope you're doing well and your ankle has improved, I knew it was giving you a few problems.  Anyway, I heard you have to move out soon, so I thought we could use my transit van to help get the whole project completed faster. Let me know if that is what you need, I'd love to help out.  It would have to be on a weekday before 11am though, because later I need to get to work. I think if we start early we can get in a few runs back and forth from your current house to your new one.  I can help lift and move the boxes, but ideally you'd need to pack up all your stuff beforehand.  By the way, your new house is near Vernon's, right? On Privet Drive, opposite the old petrol station in Shire town? If it isn't then let me know asap because any further might mean a different plan. Also, if I remember correctly, there is a very large drive and garage at the front? This is important so we can load and unload quickly. All the best mate, Ben W For expert feedback on your IELTS writing, have a look at our IELTS online course.

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