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IELTS results: when and how

Let's begin with when. It all depends on two things:
  • Which IELTS exam is taken
  • If it was paper-based or computer-delivered
The respective dates are:
  • IELTS paper-based (including IELTS UKVI) : 13 calendar days after your test date. Officially at 12.00 midday on that day.
  • IELTS computer-delivered: 5-7 calendar days after your test date
And don't forget the IELTS indicator test that is currently available:
  • IELTS Indicator: 5-7 calendar days after the test date
How can the IELTS results be viewed?
  • You can view your results online. They remain online for 28 days after the results date. Simply check the British Council or IDP IELTS webpage accordingly.
  • Results are available on paper as the IELTS Test Report Form (the TRF). This can either be collected in person or sent by post to your address.
  • If you collect your IELTS Test Report Form in person, take along your registered IELTS proof of identity (Passport or ID card).
  • You may receive an SMS on the day the results arrive to advise you. (not all Test Centres offer this service, so check beforehand).
  • Remember that no results are available by phone or sent by email.
  • For more information, visit:

Your IELTS band scores

The IELTS Test Report Form will indicate your overall band score on a scale from 0 to 9 and also provide a breakdown of your IELTS band scores in each test area, namely, Listening, Reading Writing and Speaking. Your final Band Score is simply the average of the 4 scores. Let's look at some examples;-
  • Listening 7.0, Reading 8.0, Writing 7.0, Speaking 8.0: final Band Score is 7.5.
  • Listening 6.5, Reading 7.0, Writing 5.5, Speaking 6.0: final Band Score is 6.0 (25 total divided by 4 equals 6.25. Number rounded down)
  • Listening 7.0, Reading 7.0, Writing 6.0, Speaking 7.0: final Band Score is 7.0 (27 divided by 4 equals 6.75, rounded up to 7.0)
  • For more details, go to:
IELTS indicator test results
  • The indicator test is exactly that: it provides an indication of your probable band score when you take the IELTS exam.
  • Some institutions will accept this provisionally for entrance approval purposes. But you need to check this in each case.
  • For detailed information for all you need to know about this test, go to:

What is a good IELTS score?

That depends on whether you are taking IELTS for visa or study purposes.
  • Generally speaking, a Band Score of 6.0 might satisfy visa requirements but for postgraduate study an overall average of 7.0 would be more likely.
  • Details must be checked with the appropriate authority because there are variations and a good deal of flexibility. For example, to obtain a work visa for Australia, an average IELTS score of anything between 5.0 and 7.0 might be required depending on the type of work, length of stay and so on.
  • For more detailed information on IELTS requirements for visa and study purposes, see our latest article on What is a good score for IELTS? .

Sending the TRF to institutions

Here are the possibilities: You have applied to universities and have received conditional offers pending your IELTS results.
  • When registering for IELTS, request that an original TRF is sent to the institution or institutions you have applied to.
  • You can register a total of five institutions completely free of charge.
  • A fee will be charged for additional requests

When you have your IELTS results and make your university applications

  • Request that your TRF is sent to the institution or institutions you are applying to.
  • A total of five TRFs can be sent to chosen institutions free of charge.
  • A fee will be charged for additional requests.
  • Any request must be made within one month of the test date.
  • Some institutions are subscribed to a scheme to receive electronic downloads of test scores. To check, please contact the institution concerned.

How to enquire about your results?

What can you do if you want part or all of your test results reviewed?
  • Apply for the Enquiry on Results at the centre where you took the test.
  • You fill in the Enquiry on Results Form.
  • This must be done within 6 weeks of the test date (around one month after you get the results).
  • You can ask for any of the exam sections to be reviewed.
  • There is a charge for this.
  • The fee for enquiry will be refunded if your score increases in any section.
  • If there is no increase, there will be no refund.
  • Results of the review will be available from 2-21 days after the request is made.


  • The listening and reading tests are marked according to an answer sheet, so there is really no point in requesting re-marking.
  • It only really applies to the writing and speaking sections.
  • These will be re-marked by different examiners and their results subsequently checked against the original set.
  • The length of time taken to complete this process depends on how many exam sections are to be checked.
  • Under no circumstances will a candidate receive any form of explanation as to the scores given.

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