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This tutorial focuses entirely on collocations and vocabulary.

We look at:

  • The six different types of collocations
  • How to use the collocations
  • The AWL (academic word list) -Here is a link to the 20 most frequent academic words used (pdf).
  • Three valuable tips if you are going for band 8 or higher.

Here is one of the tips:

  1. Find a word from the AWL pdf list given above.
  2. Place it into the Cambridge Online Dictionary.
  3. Find the phrases, and the level:
English vocab

4. Convert according to equivalency:

english proficiency scores

5. Now you have a very useful resource for checking the quality of your vocabulary. More information on CEFR equivalency can be found here.

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Click here for a free master list of collocations!

Audio tutorial

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