IELTS Listening Tips

IELTS Listening Exams can be really confusing. Many students only listen out for specific keywords and are often caught out when they understand the question incorrectly.

The main trick to do well in your IELTS Listening Exam is to not only hear your examiners’ questions, but to really listen to them.

Improving Your Core Listening Skills

Five Step Method for Improving your Listening Skills For IELTS

5 step listening ielts

Quick IELTS Listening Tips

Preposition Possible Answers Examples
at Time, Part of Day, Place 9pm, dawn, the restaurant
in Period of Time, Month, Year, Season 2 days/hour/minutes, April, 2018, Winter
on Day, Date Monday, January 15th (or 15th of January)
no preposition Person other Emily now, at once, tomorrow, next year, this afternoon, person

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The two reasons why students fail IELTS: