Have you ever looked at an official IELTS website and asked yourself how it can help you? Do you know how to read and analyse student IELTS essays and read examiners comments? In this podcast I’m going to have a detailed look at some key official FREE IELTS websites – from all over the world – and see what we can learn from them and how they can help you prepare for your exam. As you will have discovered by now there are many, many IELTS websites out there and you will have your favourites that you use and that you trust. In this tutorial, I want to look at the ‘official’ websites and to try and assess what you can get out of them! So, in all your IELTS exam preparation you are looking for three main things from a website:
These are three really important elements to getting through this exam and looking forward to IELTS exam success! Many of you are studying on your own without teachers / need support but also need to be able to learn effectively on your own and therefore these official websites are important and can be a key to guiding you through the exam preparation and process. This podcast contains an explanation as to how you can navigate your way around the official websites. Here are some link and useful resources to help wherever you might be:
  • IELTS Australia Official Website : This website offers computer-based IELTS tests 3 times a day and provides you with great practice tests to try before your exam
  • IELTS.org : this website also provides students with official information about their exams and great sample essays to prepare for their exam.
  • The British council website offers great resources for you to practice your IELTS listening
  • Cambridge English also offers great exam resources to help with your English study
BONUS : If you're looking for practice tests by official websites, take a look at these resources: Here are some more Useful website to help you with your  FREE IELTS Preparation:
  • BBC World News : To help develop your academic reading skills as well as staying up to date with global news
  • BBC Radio : This will let you hear interviews with various people covering different topics
  • The Economist: This site covers topics about science, business and economics
  • Ted Talks: This provides you with an array of talks with people to practice your listening and comprehension

Audio Tutorial

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