Is preparing online right for you?


  • 1. No Interaction with Students? Too many courses just sell course access and offer no feedback. Aim to get feedback so you can improve faster.
  • 2. Possibility of Distractions: Studying IELTS online can be difficult with distractions at home – friends, kids, guests, phones, music, etc.
  • 3. Increases Procrastination: It is easier to procrastinate, as there’s no strict schedule and there’s no peer pressure or teachers to ensure are written.
  • 4. Technical Issues: Internet access is necessary. Slower connections can hamper learning.
  • 5. Time Consuming: Getting feedback can take time, however, we aim to return your essay in 24h, and offer full email support for your questions.


  • 1. Cheaper: Needless to say online classes are cheaper when compared to the cost of regular classes.
  • 2. Convenience: Online IELTS classes are convenient, especially for those who are working for extended hours, don’t prefer traveling, or prefer learning from home.
  • 3. Individual Attention: You can ask questions or participate without peer pressure. Questions can also be asked through 24h email support.
  • 4. Reduced pressure: Work on a schedule convenient for you. Write and submit the essays when you have the time. Work at your own pace.
  • 5. Location: Study from anywhere, anytime. When you go home or abroad you can continue your improvement.
Writing and Speaking (everything!)
ALL the writing course (explained opposite)
11 module IELTS Speaking Confidence Course ($49)
1 Speaking exam via Skype
Full access to the IELTS Reading preparation course ($49)
IELTS Sentence Guide - with essay corrections
GUARANTEE Jump from Band 6.5 to 7, or it’s free (Writing)
24h Email IELTS Support
5 Task Two Essay corrections
3 Task One Essay corrections (Academic or General)
Access to Task One and Two video course (Covers General and Academic)
IELTS Sentence Guide Writing - No essay corrections
24h Email IELTS Support
Access to Task One and Two video course (Covers General and Academic)