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IELTS academic task 1 sample essay 13: active military manpower per country


This graph compares the active military manpower of five geopolitically important countries: China, the United States, India, Russia, and North Korea.

The graph is organized so that it shows the military manpower of each country from left to right, greatest to least. China has the most active military members, at nearly 2.4 million. Next comes the US, with an active military of over 1.3 million people—far fewer than China.

India has the third largest active military, slightly smaller than the US. Russia’s active military is the fourth largest, at around 700,000, or roughly half the size of the US active military. Fifth and smallest is North Korea, with an active military slightly smaller than Russia’s.

The disparity between the largest active military shown above (China’s) and the smallest (North Korea’s) is immense. The Chinese active military is nearly four times larger than North Korea’s, and nearly double the second largest active military—that of the US.

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