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The bar graph above tracks the total number of passengers served in 2014 at each of seven major airport terminals: Atlanta, Beijing, Dubai, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong.

The graph shows the airports with the most passenger traffic on the left, and those with less on the right. Atlanta was the busiest of these six airports in 2014, serving around 8 million passengers. Beijing came second, having served 7.5 million passengers. The other five airport terminals all served around 6 million passengers. In order from most to least passengers, these six were: Dubai, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, and lastly Hong Kong.

Combined, these seven large airports served more than 56 million passengers in 2014. The difference between the airport with the highest volume of passengers (Atlanta) and the lowest volume (Hong Kong) in this graph was approximately 2 million passengers. All seven of these airports are located in very large cities.

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