Bar chart of total consumption increase

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The bar chart shows the increase in consumption for four countries, Germany, Japan, the US and China, over a three year period 2011-2013, in billions of USD.

The US and China both experienced growth in consumption every year, although the increase was less following each subsequent year. Japan and Germany followed similar patterns, but Germany experienced a negative increase in 2012, as did Japan in 2013.

China attained the largest consumption increase in 2011, reaching over 700 (billion USD), Japan was responsible for the largest fall in consumption, experiencing a fall of almost 800 (billion USD). Throughout the entire period, Chinese consumption consistently grew the most, while Germany was repeatedly the country with the lowest growth, except in 2013 when Japan had the least growth. Overall the majority of the countries experienced positive increases in consumption, except individual countries during 2012 and 2013.

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