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The graph above records common household budget items in eight categories, tracking the items both by percentage distribution and number of respondents.

Food was the most common budget item, as indicated by nearly 4500 respondents, or over 30 percent. Second most common was the house, at nearly 3500 respondents, or roughly 30 percent. Third highest was children’s education, which slightly more than 2000 respondents, more than 10 percent, indicated. Family’s was selected by around 10 percent of respondents, or less than 2000 people.

The other four categories all received less than 10 percent selection rates by respondents. In order from greatest to least these were: communication, clothes, transportation and savings. Less than 500 respondents indicated savings as a budget item, or less than 5 percent.

In summary, food and housing ranked substantially farther ahead of all other categories. In the case of food, roughly twice as many respondents indicated this as opposed to third-ranked children’s education.

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