Council expenditure by three regions in the UK, 2014

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The three pie charts show the distribution of spending between three counties in northern England in 2014.

Of the 3 regions, Yorkshire spent the most on education, followed by Lancashire, and finally Derbyshire. Derbyshire spent the most on leisure, representing about 35%, Yorkshire spent 25% and Lancashire slightly more at 30%. Derbyshire also spent the most on community care, reaching 20%, while the other two spent less, Yorkshire at 18% and Lancashire at 12%.

All 3 counties spent a similar proportion on the environment: between 5 and 10%, Derbyshire having the highest amount. Social services expenditure was at 15% for Yorkshire, 10% for Lancashire and just 3% for Derbyshire representing the lowest of the three. Regarding the category of other, the amounts were broadly similar, representing between 7% and 10% for each of the three.

Overall amongst the three regions education and leisure make up the largest expenses, followed by the environment and social services representing the lowest.

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Version B:

The pie charts display the proportions of council expenditure allocated to six different areas in three regions of the UK; namely Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Lancashire, in 2014.

Overall, there is a clear preference for spending funds on education and leisure in all regions, and while investment in social services and community care fluctuates depending on the county, the budgets for environment and other costs were comparable across all three districts.

Leisure received the most funding in 2014, although this figure was significantly higher in Derbyshire, where less was spent on education and almost nothing invested in social services. Slightly more was allocated to environment and other costs in Derbyshire than in the other two regions.

Yorkshire and Lancashire presented similar spending patterns in 2014; Lancashire allocated more funds to leisure and less to community care than did Yorkshire, but spending on education, social services, environment and other was almost identical.