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This bar graph depicts an inventory, measured in kilograms, of hazardous materials. The five materials included are: medical waste, expired medicine, wet batteries, busted fluorescent lamps, and used diesel fuel.

The graph lists the materials from least to most, left to right. There is roughly 800 kg of medical waste, which is the least of all the hazardous materials. Expired medicine accounts for just slightly inventory. Wet batteries, although it accounts for far more than medical-related materials, is third least. Busted fluorescent lamps comprise more than 3000 kg of the inventory. Used diesel fuel is by far the most prevalent type of hazardous material. More than 4500 kg of it are present in the inventory.

The graph shows that energy-related waste makes up the vast majority of hazardous materials in this inventory. Wet batteries, the smallest of the three “energy” materials, accounts for more kilograms of inventory than both medical waste and expired medicine combined.

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