Power consumption (per location) for July 2015

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This graph tracks power consumption, measured in kilowatt hours, for six locations during the month of July 2015. The locations for which consumption is measured are Power Center 1, Passenger Terminal Center, Admin Building, Triangle, IPB, and Hiring Hall.

Hiring Hall consumed the most power in July 2015, using nearly 100,000 KWH. Power Center 1 used the next highest amount of power, consuming more than 90,000 KWH. Admin Building’s consumption was third highest, at around 82,000 KWH. IPB, Passenger Terminal Center, and Triangle consumed much less—around 77,000 KWH, 65,000 KWH, and 61,000 KWH respectively.

Indeed, power Hiring Hall and Power Center 1 appear to have consumed more power each than the lowest three (IPB, Passenger Terminal Center, and Triangle) combined. Hiring Hall, which consumed the highest number of KWH, consumed roughly 35,000 more KWH than Triangle, which had the lowest power consumption. Thus, the difference was more than 50 percent of Triangle’s total consumption.

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