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This bar graph compares the number of waste hauling truck trips taken by two haulers during the months of July, August, and September 2014.

In July 2014, Hauler A made 100 trips and Hauler B took less than 90, In August, increasing their trips substantially, Hauler A took a few less than 120 trips, whereas Hauler B took nearly 150. In September, the volume of trips decreased for both haulers. Hauler A took only about 80 trips, and Hauler B took 100. Although the decrease in trips was greater for Hauler B, it still retained a higher volume of trips than Hauler A in the final month.
The volume of waste hauling trips taken was highest for both haulers in August 2014. It was lowest for Hauler A in September, and for Hauler B in July. Cumulatively, Hauler B made more trips during these three months than Hauler A did, largely due to its higher volume of trips in August.

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Version B:

The bar chart displays the number of trips taken by two garbage trucks, Haulers A & B, in July, August and September of 2014.

Overall, we can see that hauler B completed more trips than hauler A, and that August was by far the busiest month for waste disposal.

July and September were almost identical in terms of waste collected, except for a slight majority earned by hauler B in July.

In July, with around 100, hauler A completed more waste collection rounds than did hauler B, with approximately 85. This changed drastically in August, when the work rate for both haulers surged; hauler B completed around 145 trips, and hauler A managed just under 120.

In September, hauler A completed the lowest number of trips for the period at just over 80, but hauler B maintained its lead by taking 100 trips, the same number that hauler A took in July.