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IELTS Listening | 103 An introduction to the IELTS listening test

In order to successfully pass the IELTS Listening test, you must familiarise yourself with all aspects of the test, how it is structured, how much time do you have and so on, but you must also define a strategy for taking the test. To help you start preparing, here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about the listening test, as well as some advice on what to do while taking it.    […]

IELTS Speaking | 069 IELTS Podcast Amazing IELTS Listening and Speaking Strategies From Ray C

I know sometimes you have been in an English listening exam and got totally muddled up, panic stricken and completely lost! In the exam room concentrating, then your mind wonders, you think about one certain word…and BANG the recording has moved on and you’re figuring out where the heck are we now? […]

IELTS Listening Tips | 031 A little trick Examiners do

IELTS Listening Exams can be really confusing. Many students only listen out for specific keywords and are often caught out when they understand the question [...]

IELTS Reading | 022 How did Chetan score Band 8 with 30 days preparation?

Canadian Immigration told Chetan he needed the IELTS for a visa, however he had: Nobody to practise with. No IELTS Tutor.  Just 40 days.   [...]

IELTS Listening | 005 Patrick from – Powerful learning for time poor students.

Meet Patrick, A Wrexham FC Football fan, and also owner of the effective online IELTS preparation site. This podcast is ideal for students who are working full time, who don’t have the time to travel to an academy, but still need to study. On the Podcast Patrick explains how you can make 3 hours of study more effective than 8 hours How is this? […]

IELTS Listening | 004 What every IELTS Student needs to know before the exam, from an EX-IELTS EXAMINER.

No matter what’s happening, you’re on this page looking for advice to score higher, and here you will find it. Bronwyn was an IELTS examiner, has learnt over 3 foreign languages and taught IELTS for over 20 years. If you want higher band scores it’s fundamental to avoid the errors that Bronwyn saw during her time as an examiner. Common mistakes that are insanely simple to solve. Not only are the common mistakes simple to solve, there is also a universal skill to be mastered and utilised in each section, speaking, reading, writing and listening. The skill is actually quite logical, once you know. What I found interesting was that your spelling can effect your score in the LISTENING. Bronwyn also shared some expert pronunciation advice especially with the vowel sounds. Does your culture effect your ability? […]