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IELTS Reading: Labeling a diagram

In this podcast we look at the READING EXAM and how to tackle a specific part of labelling a diagram. Listen to Ben as he [...]

IELTS Reading | 094 How to prepare for IELTS Reading

ANYONE attempting the IELTS reading section without preparation will struggle to reach a Band 7. This part of the exam is not easy and even native speakers have challenges. In this post we cover: -the three types of reading -what is active reading and why it’s useful -a technique to get you practising everyday -a range of preparation exercises to get the exam skills you need THE THREE TYPES OF READING […]

IELTS Reading | 092 IELTS Simon The 10 Types of Reading Questions

In this podcast I have a chat with an old friend of mine, a great IELTS tutor, a funny charismatic guy, also ex‐military! His name is Simon ‐ but nooooooooo ‐ he isn’t the other Simon with the IELTS blog, but he is from Manchester and equally as sharp! Listen to this podcast and learn: ‐ The 10 types of reading questions ‐ How to tackle  “Features matching” questions. ‐ Why you shouldn’t read every word of the text… ‐ A handful of test busting tips for solid exam preparation. ‐ An important tip to help you avoid sneaky examiner tricks (negative sentences). […]

IELTS Reading | 034 A Band Jumping Strategy for IELTS Reading.

Do you think skimming and scanning are the only skills to get you through the Reading?   Is reading every hour of every day going to help you pass the IELTS reading section?   Those certainly help, but the Band 9 students and quality teachers know a Band 9 comes from essential exam skills. You need these skills to kill this monster (IELTS), and move on.   Meet Anna Walker, one of the most helpful teachers I have spoken to so far. She explained a practical 4 step strategy, you can use today to score higher.   Anna Walker from Interactive With Languages   […]

IELTS Reading | 033 IELTS Reading Exam Practice – Guidance and Advice

In this tutorial we look at an official IELTS Reading Exam practice, and go through how to answer every question on the test. Including: How [...]

IELTS Reading | 026 Have you taken the IELTS Exam more than once?

In this podcast Dominic Cole from the distinguished shares his expert advice for IELTS re-takers and great detailed tips for the reading section.    What to do if you have taken the IELTS exam more than once. The three skills you need for the Reading. The problem with Reading isn’t TIME. Why looking for key words creates problems. How to identify where the answers are. How to understand the whole text… QUICKLY. How to make more intelligent guesses. How to process and understand the text? Why rhythm can help you. […]

IELTS Reading | 025 Is an Intensive English Course for You? + How to learn English FAST.

Meet JoeMcVeigh, not only does he co-author textbooks, he is an English language consultant.   He has over 25 years experience ranging from designing curricula, training trainers, and administering intensive English language programmes. This podcast will be very helpful if you are considering doing an intensive language course, or you would like to learn English fast.   I asked Joe some of the following questions:   How can a student spend 6 years learning English and finish without being able to speak a word? (Common in some EU and Asian countries). […]

IELTS Reading | 024 How to get into a university without IELTS?

  Meet Maggie, course organiser for the English foundation programme at York St John’s university.    We have a great conversation about the challenges international students face and the best strategies to overcome them.  In this podcast you will learn: How to survive in a foreign university.   Why a high score in the IELTS doesn’t guarantee an easy life at university   […]

IELTS Reading | 022 How did Chetan score Band 8 with 30 days preparation?

Canadian Immigration told Chetan he needed the IELTS for a visa, however he had: Nobody to practise with. No IELTS Tutor.  Just 40 days.   [...]

IELTS Reading | 016 How he scored 8.5 in the reading!

Vinh is an IELTS candidate from Hanoi, Vietnam that went from not speaking English to scoring above band 7 in every examination! And in today’s [...]