Your internet connection has been slow and intermittent

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Write a letter to your internet service provider to complain. In the letter:
- Describe the problem and why you are unhappy
- Arrange for an engineer to visit your home
- Request a reduction in your bill

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have been a satisfied customer of yours for over a year, but recently my connection has become intermittent. Even when it is working, it is so slow that it is unusable.

I have actually informed your customer service department of this via phone on two separate occasions, and the problem has now been ongoing for around ten weeks. I would like to request that an engineer be sent to my property since all attempts to resolve the issue remotely have failed. If you could contact me at this email address to arrange a suitable time, that would be great.

Furthermore, since I have not received the advertised service for two-and-a-half months, I do not believe I should be charged for this period. The amount equates to £98.49; I will accept either a payment or a reduction in the total of future bills.

I hope we can resolve this situation promptly.

Robert Smith

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