You would like to join the local orchestra

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Write a letter of application to the orchestra. In the letter:

- Introduce yourself and your instrument of choice
- Explain how your credentials make you a good candidate
- Express your enthusiasm for music

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing in response to the advert placed in The Times regarding the various available positions in the Urmston Festival Orchestra. My name is Peter Bedfellows, I am a pianist, and I’ve been a resident of Urmston for over four years.

I was most recently involved with the Barcelona symphony orchestra, with which I performed on a regular basis for over nine years. Although I lack formal training, I have been practising piano for almost two decades, and have recently mastered such pieces as Prokofiev’s third sonata. I would be happy to perform for a judge or panel whenever is convenient for you.

My wife and I left Barcelona to be closer to her family, who sadly refuse to leave Urmston, but I must continue with my music career; it has been my only passion since I was seven years old.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss this further in person.

Yours faithfully,
Peter Bedfellows

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