You live near a record shop

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You live near a record shop that sells music, movies, and books.
Write a letter to the shop asking if they have a few different items that you are looking for.
 - Ask what the prices are and if they can be orders
 - Ask when they would arrive and if you can have them held in advance.

Dear Sir or Madame,

My name is Jennifer and I am a student living near your store. I prefer supporting local businesses, which is why I am writing you this letter. There are some rare music albums and movies that I am interested in purchasing and I am wondering if I can ask you to order them to your shop so that I can buy them from you.

The first is a music album entitled “The Sounds of Mysteries,” by the artist JJJ. The second item is a movie called, “When the Wind Knows,” directed by Sammy Stillpen. If it is possible for you to order these for me, I would be greatly appreciative.

It would also be great if you could tell me what the total cost would be and when I could pick these items up. You can reach me by phone or email at your convenience.

Thank you,
Jennifer Nash

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