7 Reasons why COVID has made it the best time to pass IELTS.

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Has Covid made it the best time ever to pass IELTS? 

Here are seven reasons why it is the best time to take the IELTS exam right now, and move forward in your life.

1. Canada is increasing immigration quotas to more than 400,000 over the next two years. 

In 2020 Canada aimed to allow 341,000 new immigrants into the country, however, because of Covid and travel restrictions this simply was not possible. 

What is the consequence of this? 

In 2021 the quota will increase to 400,000 a year. 


2. For those already in Canada - There has never been a better time… 

Each year the Canadian government has immigration quotas to meet. However, due to Covid and global travel restrictions, new immigrants have not been able to enter. 

Therefore the government had to lower the points needed for those already in the country. 

Take Amandeep for example, he said that before Covid the imigration authorities required around 475 points for PR. 

However, due to the shortfall of new immigrants entering the country they could not hit their targets. 

So, they lowered the points needed to about 455.

Get the full story here: https://www.ieltspodcast.com/student-stories/band-8-5-in-the-reading-for-indian-student/

3. Is the USA open again? Biden in  - Trump out

As you probably know, Trump enacted the executive order, “Proclamation Suspending Entry of Immigrants Who Present Risk to the U.S. Labor Market During the Economic Recovery Following the Covid- 10 Outbreak,”. 

This prohibited the issuance of most work visas, with the exception of healthcare and other national interest matters.

However, with Trump losing the election, there is now a possibility that the new administration will reverse a lot of his policies, including the ban on visas for those coming from muslim countries. 

Definitely time to reconsider the US.

4. Brexit - How will it help you? 

Britain is closing its doors to EU workers. 

This most likely means a shift to the Australian / Canadian style points based system, and we all know that IELTS is worth a lot of points.

When the doors open to the rest of the world you probably want to have passed IELTS already so you can focus on other parts of the immigration process. 

5. Big demand for healthcare workers globally

If you want to practice in the UK or Australia the door to enter has never been more wide open. 

Current healthcare workers in the UK are getting their visas extended, source.


Get your IELTS exam, PLAB and start working in the UK while there is demand. 

Australia needs an extra 205,900 healthcare workers. Where will they come from?  


Wherever the new workers come from they will need to take IELTS (or another English exam) to prove their language skills. 

6. Best time to start your preparation 

Buy now and you have access to the course (the same one Amandeep used to jump to band 7) all year, instead of just 90 days. 

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7. Local academy closed? 

Take advantage of lockdown and study from home.  

Your local academy could be forced to close for a month or two. 

Also, do you really want to be mixing in a classroom with other students / teachers? 

Why risk it? 

Make the most of your lockdown, stay safe and keep productive. 

Join our IELTS course and make each day of lockdown count towards passing IELTS. 

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