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1. Easy improvement

In IELTS speaking part 1 YOU ARE THE TOPIC so go to the IELTS exam well prepared, learn some specific vocabulary about yourself.


I am from Manchester.


I am from the grey but beautiful City of Manchester, home of the Industrial Revolution and OASIS.

2. Task response

Read the cue card carefully, remember to read it well – misunderstanding this will cost you points.

3. Difficult question?

Memorise this: I'm not quite sure if that is what you are thinking about but I think....

4. Mind gone blank?

If the word has just disappeared from your mind just describe it for example; exam = the method used to test ability...This helps you to keep speaking without major hesitations.

5. Fast improvement

Learn word combinations, for example: BARE IN MIND, TAKE INTO ACCOUNT, etc. You will sound more like a native speaker, it also reduces the chances of error, and isn't difficult.

An effective way to do this is to hear and see the words at the same time, so you can immediately underline and them and start committing them to memory.

Be careful – these need to be used in the correct context, so I would recommend practising with a teacher.

6. Rapid accent improvement

A) Download authentic native English speaking material, find something you enjoy or useful -this way you will maintain an interest.

By combining these two methods, improve your listening AND vocabulary.

B) Listen with headphones and mimic, start by mimicking words, then try whole word combinations.

Write them down, or circle them if you have a transcript. Try to copy exactly what you hear.

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