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IELTS language & culture vocabulary topicMake sure you are prepared for language and culture topics to come up in the IELTS exam. First, take a look at the specific vocabulary terms and  see if you are able to include them in an answer to the question below.

In the 5 minute ted talk at the bottom of this page Jay Walker talks about mania, especially English mania, and why China will become the worlds biggest English speaking country. Scary. Use this talk to help inform your vocabulary knowledge of this topic in case it comes up in your IELTS!

Global languages have many benefits and drawbacks, some argue they are necessary for cooperation and advancement, while others say they are harbingers of a future monoculture.

IELTS language & culture vocabulary terms


native language

intellectual property

global conversation

English speaking

climate change


language of science

high school students

common language

Ted Talk:

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