Vocabulary Topic – Employment – highly skilled jobs

Collocations Examples
Highly skilled There are too many highly skilled people and not enough jobs for these people to fill.
Qualified graduates Many qualified graduates find themselves without work, because the job market does not need them.
Increased education Increase education such as graduate degrees has become more necessary when getting jobs, because college degrees are becoming very common and therefore less valuable.
Job requirements The job requirements for companies have become more extensive in order to differentiate between recent graduates.
Company policies Company policies usually require new employees to have ample experience when coming on board.
Internship experience Internship experience is one of the most common requirements for new graduates looking for work.
Job field The job fields that many graduates are seeking jobs in already have enough workers.
Working world The working world is hard to enter as a graduate when you do not have a unique and extensive resume.
Unemployment problem The unemployment problem for recent graduates is growing because more people are graduating and there are less jobs becoming available.