Vocabulary Topic – Law

Collocations Examples
Violent offender The violent offender was arrested and taken to jail.
Ultimate goal The runner’s ultimate goal was to win the race.
Small confines The puppy was placed in small confines so he would not use the bathroom in his cage.
Cell blocks The cell blocks of the prison held inmates of all shapes and sizes.
General population She was very smart compared to the knowledge of the general population.
Social contact The toddler needed more social contact with other toddlers in order to learn how to share and be kind.
Disruptive behavior I was kicked out of the classroom for my loud antics and disruptive behavior.
Emergency response The girl collapsed on the floor and we dialed 999 for the emergency response team.
Correctional facility The purpose of the correctional facility was to try and teach prisoners to behave better and be less violent.
Brute force We had to use brute force to open the rusty door.
Training academy The soldier had to go through a training academy in order to become part of the Army.
Internal politics The school’s internal politics involving finding a new principal caused the faculty to fight with one another.
Controversial component The issue of electing a woman president has become a big controversial component in the 2016 election.
Intimidation technique The school bully used an intimidation technique of
Safe environment The church provided a safe environment for members who were feeling threatened at home.