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The marking criteria for the IELTS writing exam falls into four categories which are equally weighted at 25% to makeup your overall writing score. One of the most challenging and misunderstood areas for students to master is the component on grammatical range and accuracy. Not only do you need to be accurate in your grammatical use, but you need to use a variety of structures (range). Too often candidates focus only on grammatical mistakes. This short tutorial will provide several ways to incorporate complex sentences into your essay.

Let’s Refresh the Basics

In English, there are three main types of sentences.

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ielts writing

This is the second podcast with Gabriela, this time we will focus 100% on the writing.

Her questions are below in italics, followed by a summary of my answer.

Q1, Can I use two examples of studies, I mean one for each body paragraph, or is it better to use only one, and for the other example just talk about a tendency in general?

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