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ielts speaking five pooints to improve tape over mouth

The IELTS speaking test can be quite nerve-racking.

This is because it not only tests our mastery of English grammar rules, but also tests how fast we can comprehend the questions, recall the relevant knowledge, formulate the answers and deliver the answer in a fluent way with correct pronunciation -and all in very short span of time!

It provides hardly any time to think, to consolidate your thoughts into a logical answer and ensure that the delivery is smooth and in accordance with all the rules of grammar and enunciation.

This is why many believe this to be one of the most challenging parts of the IELTS exam.

Being prepared, however, will help you feel more capable and confident about acing the test.

To prepare it is useful to note the criteria for assessment used in IELTS.

This post covers the criteria used and includes tips to boost your score.

1. Fluency

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IELTS Preparation

In this episode Fernando explains how he had to pass first time.

He was travelling from Venezuela to Canada to take the exam  -and so obviously wanted to nail it first time!

Fernando shares a technique for getting full control of articles and prepositions.

He also shares:

-how he managed to focus on the right arguments (task 2).

-how he planned his essays so they scored high.

-a great resource for building your vocabulary.

Download the whole interview and then share it with someone you think is having a tough time with IELTS.

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Take practice tests NOT real tests.

In this episode I look at a range of inspiring motivating quotes to help you pass IELTS.

Each quote is read and then applied to IELTS to help you, it’s either a tip, a strategy or just good old encouragement.

Here are a few to give you an idea:


Fall seven times and stand up eight.
–Japanese Proverb

In reference to PRACTICE TESTS!!!! :-)


IELTS preparation instant advantage when you apply this…

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ielts preparation success lorraine

Lorraine had taken IELTS five times.

Here is the first email I received from her:

Good day sir. I just bought your sentence guide tonight. I hope that you could really help me improve my writing skills. Thank you

And then after working together she sends me this (unedited):

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ielts sentences

A sentence has one job above all others -to convey information. It’s job is not to be clever.  It’s primary task is to present information.

And in your case, score points.

That’s not to say it can’t, or shouldn’t, sound nice. Or be clever.  —But those are a bonus.

It is so important to be understood, because then the examiner can determine whether you have understood the question too.

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