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The overview below contains tips that can help you improve your IELTS score in a matter of few minutes.


Underline the significant keywords on the text. You should try converting nouns into verbs (and vice versa) and adjectives into adverbs while also outlining words with similar meanings (synonyms) and opposite meanings (antonyms). This way you can boost your vocabulary and expand your answer.

In order to make the overall idea stand out, you should highlight and circle the graph or graphs used.

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107 IELTS Speaking Expand your answers using this five step system

IELTS Speaking can be notoriously difficult, especially if we have our nerves going crazy. If you have a system to follow while answering, you can make sure you are delivering strong coherent answers.

In this podcast you will learn how to

-expand your answers (no more uncomfortable silence)

-impress the examiner with interesting details

-use a system to deliver high scoring answers that INTEREST the examiner

-use your fingers to help you remember the structure

-make your answers compelling and unique

If I were you, I would download the podcast and take notes, THEN read the transcript.

The podcast has lots of practical examples you can copy, and use in your exam.

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IELTS Writing Marking Criteria

When preparing for the IELTs writing test, the most intelligent place to start is with understanding how the essays will be marked. Students can easily avoid common mistakes and achieve a 7.0 or higher by fully understanding the 4 IELTS score components. If you want to score well, understand the IELTS writing grading criteria first. In this post we will look at each category and provide ways to boost your test score.


The 4 Score Components

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Kim score success

Meet Kim, her score keeps bouncing up and down, however, she is almost ready and will soon immigrate to Australia! :-)

Personally, when a student is in this situation I feel really sorry for them because it must be so frustrating, not to mention expensive. Anyway, in this interview you can learn from her mistakes so it doesn’t happen to you.

What I like about Kim was she that she started three months in advance of the exam date giving herself plenty of time to improve.

She also engaged in SOLID HARD WORK by buying one of the more difficult preparation books, so when she took the test it was a little easier than expected. This strategy not only boosted her confidence but also made her target band score much more likely.

Listen to this great interview to discover:

  • Which READING book to buy to get Band 8 (Link to Amazon) -it’s not the official ones!
  • How to avoid letting your band score slip between exams.
  • The best way to get a Band 7 in the writing.
  • Why an English tutor could only help her so much.
  • A practice technique to improve your speaking fluency.
  • How to prepare for the speaking with an English tutor.

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ielts preparation

Creating your most effective IELTS preparation strategy

If you want to achieve success on your IELTS test you need to find the right strategy that will make your preparation easier for you. A right strategy is one that takes into consideration your available preparation time, but also prepares you to avoid the most common errors first time IELTS test takers make. Here are some ideas on how to make the most out of the time you have, as well as some tips on how to avoid losing points.

  1. What to do depending on your time.

One week before the exam.

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