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Extremely Useful Sentences

Writing IELTS essays of is a challenge to many, especially because of the word limit.  But there are some simple techniques you can easily adopt to improve your essay writing skills.


Listed below are 7 simple sentence constructions or enrichment tips you can effectively use to ensure a longer yet grammatically error-free essay.

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Letter Writing Samples

IELTS Letter Writing Samples


In this quick tutorial video, we’re going to look at some of the tips regarding General IELTS Academic Task 1.


We’re going to talk about at some phrases and look at the structure of your writing. We will also go through some IELTS Writing Task 1 samples. There’s a link for the samples at the end!


  1. The easiest part is the structure.


You’re lucky if you’re doing IELTS Task 1 General because (personally) this is the easiest part of the writing exam – so much easier than the Academic Task! Why? Basically, you’ve got the structure already laid out for you.

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In this episode Mike from Real English shares some awesome advice for improve your listening, your speaking and of course your exam preparation. [click to continue…]

IELTS Bar Chart

In this tutorial we will look at the steps you need to take when describing the bar chart for Academic IELTS.

First group / identify and choose the information you will include.

Second PLAN where you will mention those information points chosen before.

Know what to write.

Sounds silly but you will see why it’s important.

How do we choose the information? [click to continue…]


In this episode we focus mainly on confidence for the IELTS Speaking section of the exam.

The problem is that you have a good speaking ability but cannot transform that into a good speaking band score.

It’s very common to be able to hold a high level conversation with a person you know well, or on a topic you enjoy and study.

But then, in an exam room… [click to continue…]

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