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Ielts academic task 1

In this podcast you get a complete tutorial on how to describe a diagram for IELTS Academic Task 1. :-)

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What do you do when you really want to pass IELTS first time?

When you want to pass IELTS and carry on working / studying?

Well this is exactly what happened to Marco, an Italian student living in Dublin studying philosophy and had a conditional offer to  study for a PHD in Limerick, but he had to pass IELTS…

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Let’s look at the strategy for writing a discursive essay for IELTS Writing Task 2:

What is a discursive essay?

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In this tutorial, we examine an important IELTS skill for starting Writing Task 2: paraphrasing.

Firstly, let’s start by defining paraphrasing.

What is paraphrasing?

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How to avoid the most common mistake made in IELTS essay writing.

I have corrected over a 1000 essays, I am not joking, first I did it PDFs, then I started making video corrections.

And practically ALL the essays I’ve seen have this one problem.

Hopefully in this podcast I can give you a technique to overcome this problem.

All examples given are sentences that could easily be used in IELTS essays, this will make the tutorial more valuable.

The most common mistake I see in Task 2 is…


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