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Advanced Grammar in Speaking

While lots of students are comfortable using advanced grammar in writing, many shy away from doing so in speaking. In this tutorial, several advanced grammatical [...]

IELTS Speaking Topics and Sample Answers April 2018

In this podcast, I look at a recent IELTS Speaking exam seen by a student in one of the test centres in March / April. [...]

Mastering IELTS Speaking Part 2

Many students could perform much better on their speaking tests but anxiety keeps them from performing as best as they can. They often stress over speaking part two even before part one begins! […]

5 Ways To Practice for IELTS Speaking Without A Tutor

This podcast is useful if you are looking for strategies to: Overcome the nervousness of interview style situations Build confidence and extend the amount of time you speak for Understand new accents quickly and easily (essential skill to understand the questions asked in the IELTS Speaking exam). […]

IELTS Speaking – Pronunciation to Pass

Pronunciation is one of the most confusing elements of the speaking test because students think they need to speak like a native speaker to get [...]

IELTS Speaking Exam – Overview and Strategies

In this podcast we focus entirely on the Speaking section. We look at the exam criteria and expansively explain each section while sharing valuable tips [...]

IELTS Speaking – Mock Exam With Model Answers

I know that most students are really nervous about part two of the speaking exam; the long-form speech can be very difficult indeed, and to [...]

IELTS Speaking pronunciation tips

Intonation is an important part of pronunciation and speaking In addition to intonation, stress, accent, connected speech and rhythm are other essential components The [...]

Improve your pronunciation in the IELTS speaking exam

Speaking Exam Quick Tips Sit straight and breathe slowly. Try to speak a bit louder but don’t try to speak faster than you can. This [...]

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